Why YOGAthletica Teacher Training

So, you're considering YOGAthletica Teacher Training. Awesome!

Oh...and you're considering a bunch of others, too. Okay.

Here is why YOGAthletica 200-Hour Teacher Training Intensive is your best training option:

1. Shana has been teaching yoga full-time since March 2002. Her extensive experience and proficiency with the practice is almost unparalleled in the industry.

2. Shana teaches all of her own trainings. Other trainings are often led by teachers with only one or two years of experience.

3. While other trainings are usually taught straight from a manual, YOGAthletica training is 100% off-book. So, you learn from Shana's knowledge and experience instead of someone else's manual.

4. YOGAthletica training groups are small and intimate. That means unlimited personal attention and assistance. In addition, it fosters close relationships with other trainees...and no cliques.

5. Unlike most teacher trainings that focus on practicum, YOGAthletica teacher training emphasizes what is most important...actual teaching. Other trainings graduate students with knowledge and asana proficiency, but no teaching skills or experience. In YOGAthletica training you teach from Day One.

6. Other trainings' finals usually have you teaching a ten-minute (or so) sequence or worse...sometimes just one pose! On your last day of YOGAthletica training, you will be teaching a full hour-and-a-half class.

7. Shana is well-known for her unique ability to break down poses in a logical and intelligent way. The focus is on understanding the logic of the practice instead of just memorizing it. A-ha moments are nonstop.

8. Philosophy is learned in a discussion format, instead of lecture. You will go in-depth and personalize the yoga philosophy in a way that you can relate to your own life.

Still not convinced? Contact Shana via email or phone (310.471.9644) to discuss.

Ready to change your life...?

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