What is Kosha Jewish Yoga?

In yoga, a Kosha is a sheath, a spiritual layer.

And in 2024, the world Jewish community is seeking the shelter and protection that we never imagined we would lack in this day and age.

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If you are Jewish and feeling isolated, stressed out, and anxious about the world around us, I hear you and I am with you.

As a lifelong Jewish and pro-Israel activist, the madness and antisemitism that has boiled over since 10/7 has been frightening, confusing, and deeply disheartening.

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Maybe you feel it, too.

Kosha Yoga is an opportunity to reconnect with your inner peace and sense of self. It is Certified Kosher Yoga for the Jewish Soul.

Click here to hear Shana discuss Israel and antisemitism on the Lunar Living Podcast.

In-home private yoga, also available for synagogues and organizations in Los Angeles, and on Zoom.

If you are a gutte neshuma looking for calm in the chaos, I would love help you regain balance in your mind and life with yoga.

It's been a lifesaver for me!

A Jewish woman wearing a Hebrew tee shirt standing in a powerful stance