Westside Walky-Talky by POEMliving

What is Walky-Talky? Well, it's pretty much what it sounds like. We walk together and we talk: honest companionship that helps you transcend the isolation of the digital age.

Too commonly, we lose ourselves inside our tech, work 24/7, and completely miss out on the broader spectrum of living. Human interaction has largely disintegrated into an endless barrage of impersonal texts and shallow messaging. It's time to reconnect and start talking again.

Getting out into nature has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, combat depression, and even lower blood pressure. Socializing improves mental and physical health, helping us live longer, happier lives. Exercise has a tremendous effect on our moods, energy levels, and fitness. Walky-Talky joins the three: a recipe for happiness and success, rejuvenation and revival.

Whether you prefer the cliffs of Palisades Park, a walk in the sand, or a hike in the Santa Monica Mountains, Walky-Talky is the process of putting down your tech, getting into a natural environment, and connecting on a human level. Prefer an urban stroll on lunch break or a neighborhood walk to unwind? We can do that, too! Conversations can either be directed to help you create magic in your life, or simply used as an opportunity to get back in touch with the coolest parts of yourself.

Ready to make a commitment to yourself? Contact me today and let's talk! And walk into your best life!


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