top 6 reasons NOT to come to YOGAthletica teacher training

so, you’re thinking about getting your yoga certification. good for you! great for you! spectacular for you!

there are ten million teacher trainings out there. perhaps mine is one you are considering. terrific! i’m here to help you make the best possible decision…and offer the top five reasons why you should NOT come to YOGAthletica summer teacher training intensive.

1. your goal for taking training is to (a) look good in a bikini, (b) look good in a bikini on instagram, (c) look good in a yoga pose in a bikini on instagram, or (d) all of the above.

YOGAthletica training will drill you hard on the postures to make sure you know them and know how to teach them, but this is teacher training, not boot camp. our goal is to be able to approach the poses in an intelligent way that can be succinctly demonstrated and explained. being able to do an aesthetically beautiful posture does not mean that you can teach. we are here to teach.

2. you want to learn to do tricky, advanced postures.

while my workshops will teach you those, that is not the point of a 200-hour teacher training. it may seem like 200 hours is a lot of hours, but you find out quickly that it is just a scratch on the surface of this ancient and rich practice. 200-hour training is not meant to get you into upside-down contortions. it’s meant to teach you the foundations of yoga, from the ground up. you will walk out ready to confidently teach a strong level one/two class, regardless of whether you can stand on your hands, touch your feet to your head, or turn your neck like the exorcist. all levels are welcome.

3. you want an exotic locale, preferably with a picturesque view of a swing on a sea.

well, you can do worse than los angeles, but the tropics, it ain’t. the training is in-studio in a distraction-free environment that is conducive to focusing and learning. if you’re looking for a vacation, bali or costa rica rocks. but if you’re looking for the best learning experience available, this is the place. no swing by the sea, and you can work on your tan the rest of summer.

4. you’re waiting until the time is just right.

if you are serious about getting your training, you will make it happen. if you are always tied up in “not’s”, you won’t. people who say they really want to come, but for excuses a, b, and c, seem to think the abc’s will go away at some point. news flash: life is complicated. scheduling never gets easier. if you want something, you need to make it a priority and find a way. it’s true what they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

5. you want the least expensive training out there.

bargain hunting is great if you are buying a couch or a car, but when it comes to education, it pays to set a higher bar. if your goal is just to get certified then, by all means, go anywhere. or don’t go anywhere. you can do an online training with no standards for peanuts. but if your goal is to learn on a deep level, get incredible hands-on experience, and walk out a smart and confident teacher, i recommend putting your money where your mouth is. YOGAthletica is a $15/hour investment that pays itself off in astronomical dividends over the course of your teaching career. if you take a long-term view, you see there is no cost, only benefit.

6. you really don’t want to work that hard.

there are pay-to-play trainings out there. you don’t get much out and you don’t put much in, but you do get that highly coveted certificate. if your goal is a piece of paper from whatever school just so you can teach, start googling “whatever school”. but if your goal is to learn yoga top to bottom, inside and out–and i mean really learn–YOGAthletica will have you earning a certificate that actually means something.

when you are serious about learning, driven to be the best, and ready to go deep into the practice, YOGAthletica teacher training intensive is for you. no excuses. let’s do this!

july 23 – august 5 in los angeles. leave your bikini at home.

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