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Welcome to POEMliving.
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I know the feeling.

And I also know how to move past it.

My Personal Motivation System takes your life and shifts everything to a positive, proactive course. When you're seeking the direction and structure needed to move forward on your path, think of me as your life's tour guide.

We all know where we want to be, but don't always know how to get there. What I hear most often is that my clients feel "stuck". When you're stuck in a rut and try to spin your wheels, all you do is dig yourself deeper into a hole. Maybe the hole is emotionally dark and depressing. Perhaps it causes anxiety. Or maybe you feel so overwhelmed that your efforts to escape feel futile.

Here's what I can tell you: the view from above is much clearer than from inside that hole. Together, we can get you out.

I have helped clients to discover their self-worth, foster their self-confidence, and take real chances. They have started new businesses, gotten degrees, recharged their relationships, and found real and lasting balance in their lives. Through personal coaching that rewires their minds and their faith, their pathways have been completely repaved, redirected, and refined.

Why me?

An internationally renowned yoga instructor since 2002, I have worked with hundreds of private students of all ages to not just master asana, but to break through their challenges, pursue their goals and live out their dreams. My Handstand Breakthrough Revolution course has dramatically changed lives by creating an invincible skillset and an utterly bulletproof mindset.

Now, I am taking the life-changing personal coaching work I do with my students and sharing it with everyone.

Personally, I have always been a very disciplined high-achiever, reaching excellence in all of my pursuits. At Cornell University, I completed my four-year pre-law degree in just three years. And at UCLA's Anderson Business School, I bucked the MBA system to create mini yogis yoga for kids, a business that I was told by my professors would never take off...and went on to become a pioneer in the now-ubiquitous children's yoga industry.

Back then (2002), the idea of children's yoga was considered novel at best, and totally ridiculous at worst. But I've never been one to listen to the nay-sayers. So, I followed my dream and made it come true. And I have been teaching yoga on a global scale to both kids and adults ever since.

What is your dream? And what is holding you back?

Why you?

I believed in me. And I believe in you. I don't know who you are, and I still believe in you.

With the right amount of passion and determination, you can make anything happen. I am an expert at organizing your goals, your life, and your priorities. I help get you where you want to go without compromising your personal life or happiness. My unique combination of business acumen and a yogic moral compass give me the perspective and professionalism to help you defy the odds and live your best life.

At each personal coaching session we will review the week that passed, check in on your goals and your progress, and co-create a task list for the week to come. You will enter the new week feeling confident, invigorated, and excited for all the possibilities that lie ahead. Empowered by the knowledge that you are taking the positive steps necessary to bring your life to its fullest fruition.

First Steps

I will work with you in person in Los Angeles, via phone, or over Zoom.

Let’s organize your life and take control. Let’s shift your mindset and solidify your goals. Let’s pave your path and begin this awesome journey!

With a step-by-step approach, you can overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed and move forward in faith and confidence. Whatever it is that is holding you back, we will define it, confront it, and break free from it.

Or, get in on my Walky-Talky system of reconnecting with yourself by simply being with you, listening, and sharing in your ideas and concerns. I see so often that my clients cannot detach from their devices and get lost in them…and lost to themselves. Westside Walky-Talky is an opportunity to make a simple, unencumbered human connection, get back to nature, and overcome the feelings of isolation that are so common in the digital age.

Want to find out more? Contact me today. Commit to change. Commit to commitment. Commit to you.


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