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photo of a woman doing a perfect handstand
woman with long braids doing a yoga handstand and smiling


ALMOST everyone who struggles with handstands knows there is a missing piece that is holding them back from success.

If you don’t, don’t worry, because here's brief explanation.

When you try to overcome any huge challenge in your life, or accomplish any huge goal--either on or off your yoga mat--there are two primary elements that create success:

  1. Skillset
  2. Mindset

Both are integral to nailing your handstands. You may have tried any combination of one or both, and chances are that you're experiencing mixed results.

Know this: the power is in the process. Whether you can handstand today or not, it's the intention that changes everything.

Is this you?

One day you can magically balance for five or ten seconds in the middle of the room. The next day you can’t even seem to hold for one!

Now, there could be many reasons for this…

  1. You have been working on skillset, but your mindset is not properly aligned…
  2. Perhaps you have tried mindset, but never honestly believed it would work…
  3. By looking everywhere for handstand tips and instruction, you never got a cohesive system that really works…

If any of these sound familiar, just know that NONE of them is your fault.

You have seen people on YouTube and Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, Snapchat…and IRL! doing beautiful and controlled handstands. It planted a seed of possibility in your mind and inspired you to pursue your own handstand journey to excellence.

Most likely, you are reading this now for that very reason.

But, as I mentioned above, without the perfect balance of skillset and mindset, perfect balance in handstand is, well, going to be a real challenge.

photo of a yoga woman doing a perfect handstand in a vertical alignment
photo of a woman doing a handstand with her legs in lotus pose

In fact, here’s the first BIG thing I bet you’re missing…


That means faith in you. And faith in the process.

And this is just one of the MANY reasons why almost everyone finds it so hard master handstands.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

This is also why Shana decided to create the game-changing and life-changing YOGAthletica Handstand Breakthrough Revolution course.

And, in just a moment you’ll discover WHY this elite yoga handstand training program is relevant to YOU, and HOW it can help you achieve a level of ease and strength in handstand that most people ONLY dream of.

So, please keep reading if you’re curious and would like to know the secret beyond Shana’s Secret To All Of Yoga, the viral YouTube video that has been changing the way the world looks at yoga since 2012.


Because you’re reading this page, I’m guessing you’ve tried handstands in the past.

Maybe you’ve taken huge action.

Maybe you’ve tried one or more other handstand courses.

Maybe you’ve tried practicing every single day, and yet nothing seemed to work.

You see people online doing all kinds of crazy handstands—like they can do them in their sleep!—and you’re left wondering…

“Will this ever happen for me?”

Does that sound familiar?

Well, if any of the above is true for you, then please keep reading.

You see, most people don’t master their handstands, because they DON’T KNOW what it takes to master them. They’re doing the work, but it’s the WRONG WORK.

They may have a VAGUE idea of what to do, but they can’t clearly articulate exactly what that handstand progression pathway looks like.

Make a mental note of that, because in a moment I’ll explain why this is so important.

But before I do…

photo of a strong woman in a bikini doing a yoga handstand with her legs in a split
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“Shana is a passionate, wise & invested yoga teacher who has a way of inspiring you to push past self-limiting beliefs. Her classes are challenging, thought provoking, and effective. She is strong as hell, physically & mentally, and I’m grateful for the tools she shared with me during my training with her. Shana’s methodical and systematic techniques helped me develop a stronger and more consistent handstand, which was my goal. As a fellow teacher, I am grateful for the lessons I received from Shana.
Thank you Shana!”

– Lyn Starikov

Did you know that standing on your hands uses the same exact principles as standing on your feet?

It is all a matter of physics.

And it has VERY LITTLE to do with having any sort of extraordinary strength.

Because, if extraordinary strength was the main driver for being able to handstand, then every person who can handstand would look straight out of Muscle Beach and everyone who doesn’t look like Schwarzenegger wouldn’t have a chance in the world.

But we know this isn’t the case.

Here’s the COLD HARD TRUTH about handstands…and life.

Unsuccessful people DO the wrong things.

Successful people DO the right things (and FAR FEWER “DUMB” THINGS, as well).

And successful handstanders OWN an invincible mindset.

You’ll never become truly comfortable in handstands until you OWN your awesome every day and in every way.

Furthermore, the amount of handstand success you either have or don’t have is in direct proportion to the unshakable confidence you either have or don’t have.

If all this makes sense so far, then continue reading down the page…

As I share with you exactly HOW this groundbreaking yoga training can help you not only achieve your handstands, but also attract more abundance and success into your life.



Most people have it all backwards.

Rather than focusing on what they DO want, they spend their whole practice focusing on what they DON’T want. What they FEAR.

  • They don't want to fail and hurt themselves...

  • They don't want to look stupid...

  • They don’t want to fail…

Listen, you’ll ONLY begin to master your handstands when you’re 100% clear on what you want and begin to focus on and envision it in your body.

So, here’s another important secret you may find intriguing…

Handstands are NOT something you pursue. What you pursue will elude you. Handstands are something you ATTRACT by the energy you create and put out.

And the YOGAthletica Handstand Breakthrough Revolution will help you to become the strong and confident, graceful and effortless handstander who simply balances in the middle of the room like its second nature.

But, before you hit JOIN THE REVOLUTION, let’s take a look at just what’s included in the YOGAthletica Handstand Breakthrough Revolution and how it will help you not only to stand on your hands, but how to go through life standing confidently and boldly on your own two feet. You can tailor your personal breakthrough journey with both full program and a la carte options to fit any path and budget, and start today for as little as $397.

  • 15 hours of exclusive online content + the recordings to keep:

    You will receive two decades’ worth of Shana’s experience and knowledge delivered as a 1 ½ - 2 ½ -hour lesson each week for eight weeks. Because you keep the recordings, you may do the course in eight weeks or do it at your own pace.

  • Lifetime membership for weekly live, interactive Zoom Q & A:

    Every Thursday until you hit your goal, Shana will answer your handstand questions thoroughly and in-depth to ensure you are comfortable and confident in your practice. In other words, you are GUARANTEED personalized help until you master your handstand.

  • One-on-one personal coaching calls:

    You will receive free personal coaching calls with Shana to delve deep into your strengths and challenges and help you reach both your handstand and life goals.

  • An easy to follow, step-by-step handstand progression:

    The HBR program starts on Day One from Square One and makes a logical, building progression to balancing with confidence by Week Eight.

  • The HBR Mindset and Personal Growth system:

    This is the “secret sauce” that transforms your handstand practice from hit-and-miss to a total and complete, amazing HIT!

  • Weekly drills and exercises to keep your progress on track:

    In addition to the weekly lessons, you will be given a very specific practice routine to make your handstand practice more solid every single week.

  • Private Facebook group for both feedback and community building:

    An awesome community for meeting and supporting other HBR members. Whenever you post, Shana gives comprehensive feedback so you can share your handstand successes and continue to grow at the same time.

  • 30 Yoga Alliance CEUs:

    Yoga Alliance members receive 30 Continuing Education Credits upon completion of the course. That is enough CEUs to fill your full three-year requirement.

And much, much more…

So why did we call this training the YOGAthletica Handstand Breakthrough Revolution and not just YOGAthletica Handstand Breakthrough?

Well, the truth is that most people don’t live revolutionary lives.

For most people life occurs in a comfort zone.

But in case you didn’t get the memo, the magic happens outside of your comfort zone.

In yoga terms: you can’t have Santosa (Contentment) without Tapas (Fire). Contentment without Fire is complacency, and Fire without Contentment will just burn you out.

In REVOLUTIONARY terms: this is a conscious overthrow of your status quo, in favor of a totally new system of being.

So, let me ask you…

Has what you’ve read so far increased your interest in mastering your handstands and regaining control of your life?

If so, keep reading to find out what to do next…

photo of a woman doing a yoga handstand in a full split


photo of a woman doing a perfect handstand

Nailing your handstands doesn’t have to be this difficult, frustrating and seemingly hopeless goal you start each year with and make little to no progress on year after year.

After you’ve been through this impactful training, you’ll have complete clarity on how to own your personal power…

You’ll have methods of approaching your handstand with total confidence and control…

And you’ll discover every additional secret that lies even beyond Shana’s Secret To All Of Yoga…

And that’s just the beginning.

So, don’t leave handstand mastery to chance.

Discover the secrets and practical strategies that activate both your muscles and your mind, so you can manifest success in your life, both on and off the mat.

Isn’t it time you stopped taking stabs in the dark and trying “hit and miss” methods that do nothing more than waste your precious time and energy?

Hit the JOIN THE REVOLUTION button below to set up your free, one-on-one Breakthrough Call with Shana. We will explore where you are in life, how HBR can help you get to where you want to be, and how you can start your empowered handstand journey TODAY for just $397.


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Since handstand is a pose that blends many different yoga alignments into one, these classes will give you the strength, flexibility, and balance you need to gain true mastery.

In addition, you will get at least one monthly class with student models, so you can see real-life people doing the do. And you will have access to Shana’s exclusive online workshops and master classes that are specially designed to rocket your yoga practice right into the next dimension.


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