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All levels welcome to surprise themselves.


In an extremely unscientific survey, it has been determined that despite the modest numbers, the combined IQ in a YOGAthletica class is higher than any other class on earth. That's because people come here to not just do, but learn the logic and intelligence behind this amazing practice.

Shana's YOGAthletica practice is spiritually, mentally and physically intense and challenging, yet totally authentic and accessible. If you're tired of classes that are packed like sardines, you'll love the personal space, help, and attention.

Often referred to as "LA's best-kept yoga secret," Shana will bring your practice to new levels...guaranteed. Don't expect the same old same old in here. Every practice with Shana is completely unique and different from the last, and breakthroughs happen daily.

Bring your focus, an open mind, a great attitude…and you’ll probably want a towel. In here, we sweat.

You can catch Shana at Moore Dancing (11943 Montana Avenue, 3rd Floor) on Tuesday nights from 8.00pm - 10.00pm.
Bring a friend--or all your friends!--who are new to YOGAthletica and you get $5 off that class.

Click here for rates and online payment options.

Beyond that...

All of Shana's classes are privately held, either one-on-one or with small groups. If you want totally personalized, totally powerful, and totally transformative yoga, Shana will create a program designed specifically for you. For your growth, for your goals, for your personal revolution. Contact Shana via email or phone (310.471.9644) and get ready to change your life!


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