You Will Never Achieve Your Potential

We all need goals in life. We all need purpose.

Without them, we are corks in an ocean, letting life happen instead of living life on purpose.

You can have any kind of goals: relationship goals, financial goals, health goals, yoga goals

But if you set goals to achieve your potential in one or more areas of your life, your goals are all wrong.

Sorry if you take offense to that statement or think I have no right to judge your goals. Truth is, I have no right to judge your goals. I have no right to judge anything or anyone.

And I’m not.

Here are the two things you need to understand about goals:

  1. Goals need to be minimum standards, not max. This was an invaluable lesson I learned at an early age.
  2. Your potential as a human is infinite and can never be achieved.

When pursued with an abundance mindset, you will realize that the pursuit of excellence is a pursuit that never ends.

And let me be clear, this isn’t a matter of pride or insolence, that nothing is ever good enough for you. But rather of complete humility to the awe and wonder of the infinite possibilities of the universe and the unlimited potential we have–each and every one of us–as humans.

Any enlightened person–or, let’s say, person on the path–knows that life is a journey and that we never “arrive” until we breathe our last breath. And even then, we have many more lives to live, many more lessons to learn, many more karmas and dharmas before we truly reach samadhi, before we reach bliss.

In the meantime, anyone who thinks that they have arrived has most clearly proven that they haven’t. Rather, they have proven that they cannot conceive of the Divine or of the limitless potential of the soul.

What are you calling into your life?

The Law of Attraction says that we draw into our lives whatever we think and feel. Are you willing and able to accept your limitless potential? Can you strive ever higher, ever farther, ever deeper? Do you have excellence in your DNA? (Hint: yes, you do. Now access it.)

My friend, your potential has no limit. You will never achieve your potential. And that is one of life’s greatest blessings.

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