you complete me yoga-ly

here in america, we say “hi” and we say “bye” and, so far as i can tell, those words in their deepest, most profound translations mean “hello” and “goodbye”.  it’s really nice that we wish that the “bye” is a good one…that’s how thoughtful we americans are! 🙂

in india, they say “namaste”. it’s sort of a catch-all phrase used as both “hello” and “goodbye”. a streamlining of the salutation process, if you will. but wait! there’s more! actually, “namaste” (that weird word you say at the end of every yoga class and sometimes at the start) means “the light in me bows to the light in you.” okay. now, that’s deep.

and i love this, because you see a similar idea in israel, where the hebrew word “shalom” is also used as “hello”, “goodbye” and–thrown in for good measure–“peace”. it’s a word bandied about a lot, but when you stop to dissect it, “shalom” actually comes from the root letters “shin, lamed, mem” which is the infinitive verb “to complete”. so when you say “shalom”, what you are essentially saying is “you complete me.” it may not be as romantic as jerry maguire made it sound, but it’s sweet and heartfelt, nonetheless.

so, next time you say “hello” to someone you know and love, maybe replace it with something like “my heart overflows in your presence.” “goodbye” can be “our departure will create a void that cannot be filled until we meet again.” or just say “hi” and “bye”, but put your heart behind the sentiment so everyone knows that they are loved. 🙂

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