yoga…the most dangerous activity on earth!!!

in the last 24 hours, i’ve been inundated with clients, friends, family, and strangers emailing me this link:

How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body

and if you teach yoga in the western hemisphere, i assume it’s come across your email a time or thousand as well…

but on the off-chance you missed it, the article argues, in a nutshell, that yoga can basically disable, paralyze, or otherwise lead you to a slow and painful death. cited are a few very random, very extreme examples of people who lost certain capacities or encountered strokes, apparently as a result of their yoga practice.

and the statistics he uses to demonstrate his point are staggering! in 2002, there were a frightening 46 emergency room admissions due to yoga…up from just 13 in the year 2000! 46! out of tens of millions of practitioners, many practicing 2-3 or even more times per week…46 emergency room admissions in an entire year. really?

i would assume there are more home crafting emergency room visits than that…you know how dangerous those scissors can be! oh, and i suggest you get out of that kitchen. do you know how many people burn themselves trying to cook even the simplest dishes?

this is yellow journalism at its finest. taking a very popular activity–yoga–and trying to discredit it, cause a controversy, and, yes, draw more eyeballs to the new york times at a time when newspapers are floundering for readership and readers devour anything and everything having to do with yoga. (i almost hate to feed into it by posting this)

listen, if you’re coming to yoga to heal an injury, i agree that arm balances, inversions, and other extreme poses aren’t the route for repair. but these more intricate poses provide a venue for healthy people to align their bodies and their minds to face up to challenges in a calm and controlled manner. a different kind of healing. life healing.

yes, be smart about the classes that you choose and find the one that serves your particular needs, but i wouldn’t worry about how yoga can wreck your body. be smart and you’ll be okay.


  1. Harlan Kilstein on January 7, 2012 at 2:00 pm01

    So what are some of the precautions you advise when someone comes into your class for the first time?

    I take it, you’re not going to give up inversions?

    • miniyogis on January 7, 2012 at 2:00 pm01

      my personal opinion…if you have a teacher who understands the safe ways to do every posture, you are safe. i don’t have a problem taking beginners into advanced postures, as long as they take it step-by-step and work within their personal abilities. i am very aware of when people are pushing too hard and will tell them to back off. i also am very adamant about doing every step of the pose safely. the bigger issue is people’s egos that make them want to do the final pose when i am asking them to stop and work on the first baby step. precautions: if it hurts or intuitively feels wrong, don’t do it. tell the teacher and get an alternate pose or variation. my other suggestion: go to classes that are small enough that you can get individual attention so you know if you are doing things correctly. and find teachers who are well-trained and pay attention to their students. and always be sensitive to your own body. it knows better than anyone what will be safe or unsafe.

  2. Casie Brookover on January 27, 2012 at 2:00 am01

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  3. Lucie Kolacki on January 31, 2012 at 2:00 am01

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