your worst day

you know those days? the ones when you really don’t feel like getting out of bed? and everything seems to be going wrong? and everything is just off?

yeah, we all have those days. i have them more than i care to admit. so, i won’t.

most people back off their practice when their energy is off. either they take it easy or they just take the day off.

i hear you!

want to know what i do when i am feeling super stressed, overwhelmed, or just plain shitty?

exactly the same thing as i do when i feel super balanced, strong, and in control. tapas!

i work just as hard (usually harder since things just don’t come together the way they normally would). and just as long (usually longer, as i am of the try-try-again school of thought when things aren’t working out for me).

it is so easy to hide behind life as an excuse to step away from your yoga. but keep in mind that yoga is a microcosm of your life. and if you step away from yoga, you are really stepping away from facing your challenges, your weaknesses, your fears, and, quite frankly, your life.

want to know how to become a master on the mat? there’s just one secret: perseverance. it pays.

your best practice is measured by how you practice on your worst day. why? because yoga is about bringing your mind, body and spirit into alignment. if you want to tame your mind, you can use your body as a powerful tool. when your energy is off, your asana practice is meant to bring it back into alignment.

hopefully, you will feel better at the end of your practice than you did in the beginning. but even you don’t, just know you did the work by just showing up.

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