yoga is worth nothing

ah! yoga in quarantine!

it helps us stay connected. it helps us stay strong. it helps us stay sane!

and it’s worth…nothing.

or at least that’s the message the world is sending:

“online yoga rocks!”

img_6314“online yoga is a life saver!”

“online yoga is free! or else, i’m out.”

hey, i understand that everyone wants something for nothing. and right now, many teachers are offering something for nothing. so why pay for the cow pose when you can get the soy milk for free?

well, for one, yoga teachers have to make a living. yes, believe it or not, yoga teachers have bills, too! (it’s true!) while everyone expects teachers to make all their teaching free (it’s yoga, seva, service!) there is very little reciprocal social responsibility. very few students who see the reverse: it’s respectful to honor and value your teacher and pay for his or her services because they earned it and they are human, too.

perspective: a full month’s unlimited subscription on my vimeo channel costs less than the cost of one studio class. we’re talking 50 cents a day for unlimited classes of every level, length, and intensity (100% unique content). forget about giving up your daily starbucks. this is forgoing your daily gumball here.

heck, if the world gave yoga instructors everything for free (yippee!), it would make total sense for us to only teach for free. but until that day, please support your hardworking, dedicated, human being of a yoga instructor. yeah…that would be me.

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