it’s just so easy for me!

easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

it always takes me aback when people comment on my photos or videosthat they will never be able to do something but it’s just so easy for me. or even better, that everything is easy for me.

first of all, i’m not going to lie. most of the stuff that looks easy for me, actually is.difficult yoga asana

but second–and i’m not going to suddenly start lying now–it wasn’t always.

when you see a video like my firefly press to handstand, all you see is where i am, without ever seeing where i’ve been. for instance, on this transition, i went absolutely nowhere for years and years. as in, nowhere. and then one day it hit and i did it every day for about six months before finally feeling confident enough to shoot a tutorial. and that’s what you see.

you see the “wow” without ever seeing the work.

you see, “easy” doesn’t necessarily mean it came easily.

in my life, i put in two hours of hardcore, full-on, relentless yoga practice every single day…for almost 20 years now. that means on good days and on bad days. on high energy days and low-low-low-low-low days.

my asana practice is more than just a physical endeavor. it is a commitment. a commitment to excellence, a commitment to power, patience and perseverance, and commitment to myself.

truth: when it comes to asana, i don’t have rest days. i don’t have yin days or restorative days. i don’t have 99% days.

all i have is 100% because i know that if i am not putting in the best of what i’ve got every single day, i am not honoring the gifts that i have been given and i am not honoring myself.

believing in myself means that my best practice is measured by my very worst day. it means i never give up just because my soul feels lost or lethargic or downright broken.

my commitment to my practice means that not only is it easier to do some very difficult yoga postures and transitions, but that it’s easier to look at myself in the mirror each day and know i am giving life my all.



  1. Maura Sullivan on March 29, 2021 at 2:00 am03

    So much hard work and you do everything with style! ❤️

    • Shana on March 29, 2021 at 2:00 am03

      Wow! Thank you so much, Maura! ❤️

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