yoga for everyone and his mom…as long as his mom wants to work her ass off.

when i left the world of hard-core athletes ten years ago for a life of yoga, it wasn’t because of the workout…even though it is an amazing workout, for sure.

the term “yoga” means “yoke”.  yoke what? yoke together. yoke together what? yoke together mind, body, and spirit. honestly, you don’t have to be doing asana or even meditation to be practicing yoga. you just need to be doing something that aligns all your intentions. something where your mind, body and spirit are all in the same place.

some people get very frustrated by my yogathletica classes and think they are too hard, too physically challenging. why would someone who believes so deeply in the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga be so concerned with the physical? is this some sort of farce?

no! from my experience, the harder the yoga, the more you have to focus to master it. the more you focus, the more your mind and body align. the more your mind and body align in combination with the breath, the more your spirit falls into place. it is, in fact, the challenge that brings you to the yoga.

of course, this only applies to people who like to work hard and really push their edges. are breaks allowed? yes! encouraged? yes! yogathletica is about working to–and hopefully a little past–your edges…and doing it calmly!

my classes–or any classes–are only too hard if you let your ego get in the way. but if you jump in and always do your best, voila! you’re practicing yoga!

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