Who Has Time For Yoga????


Enough said.

But I will say more, because that would make for a very short blog post.

Life is a lot. And it’s even more these days. Everyone is on 24/7. Working, texting, social media-ing, living, doing things

And yoga people–teachers and students alike–are constantly telling me that they don’t have time to practice anymore. Not for a couple hours a day. Not for an hour. Not for half an hour. Not for ten minutes. Not sure what makes them yoga people…

Okay…so, here’s the life hack that will get you on your mat Every. Darn. Day.

You ready?

First, you have to make yoga important. I will argue that if you are a teacher, it is imperative that you practice. And if you consider yourself a yoga practitioner at all, I hope it is obvious that that requires yoga practice. Hence the moniker. It’s called walking the walk. Because anyone can talk the talk.

Second, if you understand the very concept of yoga, you understand that it is a life practice. As such, it needs to be ingrained in your everyday existence. In fact, it should be a cornerstone.

Third–and this is the kicker–you need to schedule yoga into your day.

Yes, schedule. As in, put it directly in your calendar and treat it as you would any other obligation. If you have a doctor’s appointment in your calendar, you show up. If you have a scheduled lesson on your calendar, you show up. A party. A meeting. A meal. An event. If it’s in your calendar, you just show up.

The way most people live their lives, they spend at least eight hours a day dedicated to working for other people. When you put your yoga in your calendar, you are making a commitment to yourself. You are asserting that your commitment to your own well-being is as important as the commitment you make to others.

Every single day, I know exactly when I will be practicing. I schedule my life around my daily practice just as I would any other obligation. Before booking any appointment, I first ask myself, “does this allow me to get in my daily practice?”

For me, that is two solid hours set aside. Unequivocally. Every day.

And when it’s time to hit the mat, I hit it. Plain. Simple. It’s in the books!


  1. Wei Lee on June 25, 2022 at 2:00 pm06

    Nicely said and yes, schedule the practice until you feel like practice everyday!

    • Shana on June 25, 2022 at 2:00 pm06


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