wait! don’t go!

i can pretend it doesn’t bother me, but it does. i hate it when someone leaves my yoga class early (unless, of course, they warn me before class). okay, maybe it’s my ego getting in the way…i promise i’ll work on that…if you promise not to leave my class early.

here’s the thing. i’ve taken plenty of classes that drive me nuts. we all have. maybe they’re too easy. maybe too hard. maybe the teacher annoys the crap out of me. maybe i’m bored to death. but i never, never leave. (though i think i’ve been known to roll my eyes or put on my “bored to death” face…which i shouldn’t do either).

allow me to make my case.

it’s yoga. among the precepts of yoga are: respect for others, patience, focus, staying calm in difficult situations, acceptance. did i mention respect for others? suffer through it. oh, yeah, moving past suffering is another one.

pick your intention. whatever it is, use it as your excuse to stay. not just in my class, but in anyone’s. that sub? she’s doing the best she can…it’s hard to try to fill someone else’s shoes! that new teacher? let him get his sea legs…have you ever been new to a job? that long-established, well-known, popular teacher? even with a totally full class, it’s still rude to roll up the mat and go.

treat your yoga as you would treat your life. respect others and hopefully others will ultimately respect you the same.


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  1. Paula on February 28, 2012 at 2:00 pm02

    Absolutely! Last night I was feelng really nauseated in class, and the room started to spin. Instead of leaving, I just layed down in savasana until the feeling past. I explained to the instructor after class that I probably didn’t drink enough or eat enough throughout the day.

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