wait a minute!

time is relative. i know it seems concrete. a minute is sixty seconds, is 60,000 milliseconds, 1/60 of an hour. pretty definitive, right?

and when someone (say, me) asks you to hold a yoga pose–let’s say a handstand–for a minute you think, “no! that’s forever! i can’t hold that long! you’re just being cruel!”

but if i were to say to you, “think of the one person you love the most in the entire world. you now have one minute left to see them and then you can never see them again,” you would change your tune on the eternal implications of a minute. “A minute!” you’d scream, “a minute is nothing! you cannot do this to me! you’re just being cruel!”

in yoga, part of the practice is getting past maya, illusion. learning to replace subjectivity with reality. a minute is sixty seconds, yes. but there is no judgement, just ticks on a clock, when you remove the maya.

so, let’s get back to that one minute handstand. and imagine the time i gave you in handstand were instead the time i gave you with your loved one. flip your illusion. it’s just a minute. what can’t you do for just a minute?

here’s the thing: you are only as strong as you think you are.

scratch that…you are stronger than you think you are…if you can just learn to think of yourself as stronger. because you are only as strong as you think you are, and that strength can be multiplied (or divided) by a simple change of mind.

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