there are options

so…you say you really, really want to take my 200-hour teacher training, but you can’t afford it.

hey! there are options!

have you considered selling your organs? i’m sure you already know that you don’t need that second kidney. and your gall bladder…what does that thing do, anyway? have a gold tooth? you can melt that and sell it. there are even people out there who need new toes. maybe just a little pinkie toe?

or…if selling body parts is too gruesome, have you considered selling your actual body? you know what i mean. prostitution. if you look like most of the yogi/nis on instagram, certainly you could sell yourself on the street corner for a little while. over the course of the month before training, you’re sure to be worth at least $2500.organs

oh, you say you have too much respect for your body to do that? good for you! that is an important quality in a yogi/ni. ahimsa with a smattering of brahmacharya thrown in. good call. how about selling someone else, then? your firstborn? if s/he is young and cute, there are millions of loving parents out there who cannot have children of their own and would love and cherish yours if you were willing to sell.

but if you like (or even love) the little bugger, that might not be your best option. how about stealing the money from your mother’s underwear drawer? you know…that little wad that is crammed between the old pair of granny-pants with no more elastic and one lost ped sock from the 80s?

right…then there’s asteya. non-stealing. don’t do that. don’t steal from mom.

perhaps, though, to steal from a big bank would be okay. i mean, they’re such jerks anyway. remember that whole housing crisis thing? they did that! certainly they wouldn’t miss $2500. in fact, make it $3000, so you can buy some cool yoga pants, too.

not the rob-a-bank type? okay…so how about this…

you can borrow from a family member, a friend, or even (gulp) a bank. there’s credit and there are payment plans. you can drink less alcohol, do your own manicures, clean your own home.

or…you can just pay and know it will all come back in enormous dividends over the course of your career. usually, not committing to training is more about not wanting to spend the money vs. actually not having it. if you earn even just $25,000 a year for ten years as a yoga instructor (and chances are that you will earn a lot more), then you just earned back your investment 100 times over.

all i’m saying is: there are options.

if  you really want something, just make it happen.

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