there are no bad decisions…

when you look back upon your life, there’s a good chance that you can pick out the good decisions from the bad. breaking up with your abusive boyfriend, good. breaking up with the love of your life, bad. leaving a dead-end job, good. leaving a fabulous job for hopes of better, bad. jumping into your first yoga class, good. jumping off the roof into the pool, bad.

the list can go on forever and it seems so cut and dry.

well, i’m here to tell you that it’s all just maya. illusion.

there are no bad decisions–or good ones for that matter. there are only desirable or undesirable outcomes.

so, you left the love of your life at the altar. and nothing better ever came around. and you are now old and gray and single and never had kids. seems like a really bad decision.

but you can’t question fate.

what would have happened if you left the altar and in the parking lot there was a royal prince on a white steed and he pulled you onto the horse, rode you off into the sunset and you lived happily ever after? then what? would leaving the love of your life have been a good decision? just because the outcome was different?

and so you left the dead-end job. great! what if the company wound up being bought out by google and everyone in it became instant millionaires? would that have been a bad decision to leave? just because the outcome was different?

at any moment in time we make our decisions to the best of our ability. from the small ones (grande or venti) to the large (should i leave my home, my job, my friends, my life for a new lover in a far off land), they all have infinite reverberations on the outcome of the rest of our lives.

and while it may be easy to trace left a man, did or didn’t find a better one. or left a job, did or didn’t find a better one, that is a very simplistic view of fate.

because when you made that decision–any decision–every single moment of your life thereafter just changed.

when you jumped off the roof into the pool, broke your back and became paralyzed (i know someone this happened to), who knows…maybe it stopped you from running the boston marathon 20 years later and being killed by a terrorist bomb.

you see?

it’s all just illusion.

if you want to be a yogi/ni, practice acceptance. acceptance of your choices, and acceptance of the outcomes. for without the colors you paint on top of them, you never know what lies beneath.

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