the satya superpower

if you have ever read the yoga sutras of patanjali, you may be a bit cynical about some of its claims. for example, you may not actually believe that through the practice of perfect meditation and mindfulness you can make yourself invisible (3:21), read minds (3:19), or levitate (3:39). (then again, you might…and i would love to see the levitation photo, by the way).

but there is one yoga superpower that i find very fascinating. it’s the power of satya, truth.

the concept of satya is pretty simple. tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

so, what’s so super about that?

well, if you always speak and act from a place of honesty, then truth will be your only reality. which means, in turn, that everything you say will happen will, in fact, happen.

cultivate a life of pure integrity and you can manifest anything you want to simply by stating it is so.

one little catch, 100% honesty isn’t 99.9% and you have to have the deepest, most unbreakable faith in yourself and truth. but superpowers are worth working for…honestly.

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