the only person who wants to hear me sing…

i have this one client. she’s 44 years old and has severe down syndrome. i’d say she has the mentality of about a one-and-a-half to two-year-old and she is purely incredible. we’ve been working together for two-and-a-half years now.

she can hold half-moon longer than just about any of my students and–even better–she tells me about 20 times a class that she likes me (literally “i like you.”). compare that to my other clients who tell me about 20 times a class that they hate me. ­čśë

the first time i worked with her, i was playing “you’ve got a friend” during savasana and she walked out of our lesson singing “friend…friend…friend.” it was awesome.

well, we stopped using the ipod and so, when she would lie down in savasana, she would say “song. song.” and so started the tradition of my singing “you’ve got a friend” to her during savasana. when we first met, it took an incredible amount of finagling to get her to unclench her fists and close her eyes in final rest. now she knows, when it’s time for the song (and shoulder, neck, and scalp rub), it’s time to relax.

she lies down, relaxes everything, closes her eyes and i sing. and at the very end when i get to the final “you’ve got a friend” chorus, she opens her eyes, smiles at me, and every time i say “friend”, she says it with me and points at me with both hands like a lounge singer.

she is the only person on earth who actually likes to hear me sing and we both get so much out of our very special friendship.

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