the full monty

if you follow me on social media, perhaps you’ve heard. or perhaps, you need to follow me a lot closer…

my newest vimeo video, “the full monty”, is up and here’s why it gets its own blog post!

this is a video i have been meaning to make for years but, quite frankly, i’ve been a bit nervous.

what’s so special about this video? well, first of all, it shows you my own personal daily practice. no cuts, no edits, no modifications. just me. every day.

all my other classes that i have online are specially devised for students. this one was specially devised for me. now, isn’t that special?

here’s the odd part: asanas that i can complete with 99% accuracy every single day for years and years and years suddenly become very tenuous when i am filming. and a couple i did mess up (hello, pike press and stand-and-drop urdhva dhanurasana). my utter lack of editing skills blesses you with those gems.

and each time i do “land” a pose, a little voice inside of me screams “phew!”.

oh…and the first time i shot this, my camera froze for about ten minutes mid-class. so, i had to shoot the whole thing over. how fun is that??? woo-hoo!

a big obstacle to shooting was the fact that i cannot get my whole practice onscreen in my studio–where i am most comfortable–unless i knock down some walls or the room suddenly grows on its own. it might…! (studio elves??? hellooooo!). so, i shot in my living room. and even moved furniture. do you understand the ramifications here for a virgo? they are huge!

as to narration, i took a different tack than usual. as you may guess (and may know if you read my blogs as carefully as you should be following my social), it is a lot harder to practice yoga when you are talking than it is when you are, say, breathing. so, in order to hedge my bets, i shot this class without speaking and added narration afterwards. never mind the entire day of tech support it took me to pull off that feat, that’s not what’s important here…

but don’t worry! i didn’t forget the camera. every so often, you will see the random squint-and-glare to see if my camera froze again, as it has the last two videos i shot (ugh, sorry, end of “treagle”!). it didn’t! and it did. meaning, it did, but in my day-long excursion with tech support, i was able to cut that part out without missing a beat…bet you can’t find it! call me for all your future editing needs. and i will refer you to apple tech support.

okay, but for real. this video is a big piece of me. this is two hours out of every day of my life. this is the foundation of my entire asana practice. it’s like sharing nudes, but with all my clothes on.

overall, i promise you that if you do the full “the full monty” every day (or -ish), your practice will change forever. nothing will be impossible for you. kid, you’ll move mountains. or at least you’ll move your body in amazing ways you never imagined.

this video is not for the faint of heart. or the faint of anything. but if you have the strength, the spirit and the balls (girl balls very welcome!), i challenge you–er, invite you!–to try it out.

you can buy it, rent it, or get it free with a monthly vimeo subscription. which, i guess, isn’t really free. but it’s just $15 a month for unlimited, all-you-can-eat, kick asana yoga classes. totally worth it. meaning a steal. but, like, don’t steal it because, you know, asteya. but please subscribe. i always deeply appreciate the people who show their support. is that you…?

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