How I Hurt My Shoulders. Every. Single. Day. (And It’s Not From Yoga…)

Ladies (particularly my yoga friends), I have a question for you, because I CANNOT be the only one!

Sports bras…

Is there something wrong with me or does it hurt your shoulders every time you try to pull off your sports bra?

No joke.

I’ll be the first to admit that I do not have the healthiest shoulders. I tore my left one (many years ago) and my right one was trained to compensate. And (🫣) I may go a little bit hard on them for a 51-year-old woman…maybe…

That being said, I can do more than 30 different handstands in a single practice. I can do backbends and binds and flip grips and…you name it. Even if it makes your shoulders cringe, I can probably do it. And I can probably do it without pain or discomfort.

But when it comes to taking off my sports bras, there is no reprieve. I have tried every possible method to get that bugger off and I take minutes to do it slowly and mindfully. And it just hurts.

What is it about most sports bras that is so tone deaf to a woman’s needs? I mean, besides the fact that they are most likely designed by men. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Truth be told, I can get around that issue by using a front zip or front clasp sports bra, but 99% of all sports bras are not made that way.

And while I’m on my soapbox, what is with the pad inserts?

Can we, as women, be given enough credit to be able to decide if we want a bra that is either (a) padded or (b) unpadded? It’s a pretty simple thing, really. I don’t need a two-in-one option.

The pads are a pain in the butt (or fingers) to get in and out and you either have to take them out before the wash or, if you are laundry-lazy like me, keep them in and pay the consequences.

Let me lay out the consequences:

  1. The pads come out in the wash and often go the way of the missing socks, never to be seen again.
  2. The pads come out in the wash, you can find them, and have to shove them back in a tiny hole on the side of your bra.
  3. The pads stay in the bra, but fold in half and you have to shove your fingers in to try to flatten them out, but they never really go flat…

I guess if you really want to make them useful, you can pop them out when you hit your mat and use them as little knee pads, as needed. That would be a useful two-in-one.

But beyond that, please clothing companies, either sew in the padding or leave it the heck out. We are big girls, we have our boobs, and we know if we need them padded.

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