a simple test to find out if you are ready for level 2/3 yoga classes…

So, some people think they are ready for a 2/3 yoga class…until they actually take one and the truth becomes readily apparent.

Here’s an easy test to determine whether you are 2/3 caliber:

Go to a Level 2/3 yoga class. If you can’t wait for the next one, you’re ready. If you can’t bear the thought, you’re not.

Simple as that.

Notice there’s no mention of “If you can do a handstand” or “If you can touch your toes” or even “If you can hold a plank for five minutes.” Because, ultimately none of that matters.

The real tests are “If you can try a handstand…even if it’s scary” and “If you can stretch towards your toes…until you can really feel it” and “If you can hold a plank to your edge…and maybe a breath past it.”

If you go to a Level 2/3 class and feel totally overwhelmed, paralyzed with fear, intimidated by everyone else’s skill set…not ready.

If you go and feel inspired by the possibilities, always try your best (even if you fall…a lot), and can even laugh at yourself a little (or a lot)…ready.

In my teaching, I come across so many people who want to do the fabulous stuff, they are entranced and enthralled by it, but they make two fatal errors that predetermine their failure.

1. They come to class and just sit there. They assume they can’t do any of the challenging stuff…and they’re right. FACT: you actually can’t do any of the hard stuff if you don’t even try. You want to prove yourself worthy of the 2/3 badge? Try everything. And try it hard. Baby steps, Mama Bear steps, or Papa Bears, it doesn’t matter. The only step that matters is the one that takes you out of your comfort zone. No one ever got stronger by hiding in a comfort zone.

2. They decide they aren’t ready for 2/3, and so return to 1/2 to “get stronger” first. I put that in quotes for a reason. See #1. Going to a Level 1/2 class to get stronger for 2/3 is like going back to kindergarten to prepare for college. It just doesn’t make sense.

And the worst offenders of all…those who take 2/3 for a while, get stronger and stronger, more and more flexible, greater and greater balance and control…and then hit a wall. And instead of busting through it, they retreat away from it. They march back to 1/2 to regroup, fully expecting to return to 2/3 sooner than later. And then they get comfortable. And the very thought of returning to 2/3 is–well–overwhelming, paralyzing, and intimidating all over again. Maybe they come back to test the 2/3 waters once and realize just how much they lost…maybe they never come back at all. Ultimately, they probably were never ready for 2/3 in the first place–and never will be again.

Ultimately, all 2/3 means is ready for anything and never, ever giving up.

The real 2/3 Mama Bear…always ready for anything!

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