shoulderstand ballet

what is it about supported shoulderstand (salamba sarvangasana) that people go into it and they suddenly think they are in the bolshoi ballet? they start doing twists, splits, little air plies. this is a phenomenon that continues to mystify me.

all yoga poses are termed “asana” because of the stillness (mental and physical) they are meant to be held in. you don’t see people doing rhythmic gymnastic arms all over the place when asked to go into a warrior, or swing all over the place in half-moon.

it’s time to start the shoulderstand revolution. people who can actually sit still for one, two, even three (ten?) minutes without fidgeting. practicing asana even if it means having to be subjected to watching your belly sag (incentive to eat healthier!) or feeling a little tingle in your legs. nothing wrong with a little tingle. 🙂

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