sex sells!

so, there have been some comments about my incredibly glamorous hairstyle in yesterday’s youtube video. perhaps i should reshoot with something more fabulous. afterall, sex sells, right? i’m sure the yogis thousands of years ago would never have shot a video like this without at least a stylist and some strategic make-up! what was i thinking???

i guess i was thinking, hey, i’d love to create a youtube video to help people learn how to handstand. i guess i was thinking, yoga isn’t actually meant to be about how sexy i am. i mean, let’s be honest here, there are some way sexier yoginis out there than me…and they have better stylists, too!

for me, yoga is a way to change lives. a means for learning to focus and face up to challenge, a means for self-acceptance and self-confidence, a means for helping people to feel good regardless of how they look.

hey, this video may not win me any dates, but if i helped anyone get into a handstand–or even brave enough to try–i’ll consider it a success.

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