sagging upwards: the yoga inversion secret you need to know!

ever see one of those REALLY OLD yogis or yoginis and wondered how on earth they stay so young?

if the answer is no, it’s probably because you did see one but didn’t even realize it because s/he seemed so strong and vibrant.

there is a secret, you know. the yoga fountain of youth, if you will.

it’s nothing that you eat, drink…or smoke. it’s inversion. more specifically, headstand (sirsasana) and shoulderstand (sarvangasana), respectively the “king” and “queen” of all yoga poses.

now, i didn’t create those royal designations (i’m just a jester in this court we call yoga)…headstand and shoulderstand, taken together, are considered to be the most physically potent of the asanas for many reasons. but since this is los angeles, i’m just going to focus on one big one: inversions are like plastic surgery, but without all the surgery (or plastic).

allow me to explain.

first, let’s go back a bit to sir isaac newton. yeah, the guy with the apple. remember him from science class? if not, you may want to stop smoking whatever you are smoking…it doesn’t have the answer. anyway…newton. gravity. in a nutshell, gravity presses down on us, day in and day out, keeping us grounded (literally), but also compressing us.

gravity is what causes our boobs and earlobes and skin to sag, our spines to shorten, and eventually pushes us all the way down into the ground.

and here’s something you may not have thought about…the rules of gravity apply just as much inside your body as out. what does that mean to you? It means that over time, not only does the pretty outside stuff aim downwards, but so does the gooey internal stuff. as you get older, your internal organs press down and compress, becoming less efficient and, therefore, less healthy.

alas! there is a solution!

go upside down!

when you invert (classically for ten minutes in each, headstand and shoulderstand…but you need to build up to that!), everything that normally sags down suddenly sags up!

want perkier breasts, firmer skin, longer spine? flip it!

want healthier organs? invert?

want to be a saggy pile of oldness…don’t. but don’t expect to meet me in the lobby of that plastic surgery office…



  1. Jody Taggart on September 11, 2013 at 2:00 pm09

    I don’t want to be a saggy pile of oldness, so thanks for the advice! Going to go invert NOW! Thanks for keeping yoga fun, too.

  2. Richard on September 13, 2013 at 2:00 pm09

    What happens if I just lie down and take a nap? Does all the gooey stuff inside get flat and spread out?

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