paying the yoga bills

i know a yogini who had $30,000 in debt with target. yes, target. please don’t ask me how…i can only imagine.

anyway, seven years passed and the debt still wasn’t paid. target was still knocking down her door for payment and she was indignant. according to her, if seven years have passed, the debt should be wiped clear and they should let it go. why? because she wins for lasting so long without paying a bill? that is $30,000 worth of merchandise that she took from a store and never paid for. had it been under her shirt instead of under her credit card, that would be considered grand larceny.

another yogi friend got all up in arms about the percentage he was being charged on his debt…the percentage that he agreed to when he accepted the credit in the first place. credit is a privilege, not a right. and, unfortunately, you have to pay for it. and you have to uphold your agreements.

we live in a credit society where people can generally get by without paying for the things they take…er, buy. as yogi/nis, i believe we have a responsibility to break that pattern and to pay for things as they are afforded to us. asteya, non-stealing, is one of the yamas of ashtanga yoga. and just because your credit card company says it’s okay not to pay for your stuff, doesn’t mean it’s really okay.

whether you are talking about a trinket from a local artisan or a $1000 pair of shoes from a huge international designer label, if someone is providing you a good or service, cough up the dough. they deserve it and you will be upholding your yogic ideals.


  1. judy on December 27, 2011 at 2:00 pm12

    That is why we are so messed up right now. People are so dishonest and trying to game the wystem.

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