mental override

it seems that every yoga studio on earth has made the (odd) decision to install air conditioning units that require three master degrees in engineering (and perhaps a doctorate or two) to make them work. people are always asking me to set the temperature and, as hard as i try, i just sit there punching useless buttons hoping for a miracle.

you know, there is that “override” button that takes you beyond any pre-programming…though i can rarely make that work either. but when i do…celebrations abound and i fill with pride of my accomplishment.

as it turns out, i do actually have bigger accomplishments in the yoga studio than turning on the a.c.

no, really.D5CA40CF-55BE-4ACD-9880-26EAC503228C

for anyone who has ever tried one of my more challenging classes (live or on vimeo), you know the meaning of stamina.

i will argue that your body is the stubborn air conditioning unit that just needs you to toggle its mental override button to reach new levels.

mental override isn’t easy to access. it requires a tremendous faith in your own capabilities and the willingness to own your power. it’s a hidden button in your brain that can only be found with a huge commitment to its discovery. all sorts of limiting thoughts and beliefs clutter the space around it like impervious guards. you have to be smarter and mentally tougher than they are.

when your body screams exhaustion and your mind says it’s time to give up, look deeper. the override button is there. i promise.

people always ask how i do such intense work with a smile. answer: override. my mind believes it can do more than my body thinks. and when my mind wins, of course i smile. in fact, it’s more than a smile. inside, i am laughing. laughing at my body that doesn’t always understand its limitless potential and laughing with my mind that knows the meaning of hard work and success.

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