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when i say “love”, what color do you think of?

bet you said red!

of course you did! red is the color of fiery passion and romantic fire. red burns. it excites. it ignites. it’s the color of hearts and roses and valentines.

how interesting, then, that the color associated with love in yoga–the color of the heart chakra–is green.

and which chakra is red? the root. the base. the primitive and instinctual.

the color green is the color of nature, of lush growth and of tranquility.

the yogic ideal of love, in fact, is not the hot fiery brand sold to us in hollywood. it is not rooted in sex or lust. that emotion is not love at all. though it often feigns to be.

how many times have you fell madly in love with someone–quickly and completely consumed by them–and the flame burned out as abruptly as it ignited?

a yogi/ni is someone who can move beyond his or her base instincts and not be ruled by impulses. when we look at the hierarchy of chakral alignment, red is the low man on the totem pole.

to get to the richer, more in-depth emotions, you have to move up the channel. the kind of true love that resides in the heart is slow and steady. it’s simple and natural. it’s evergreen.

which love is true love? maybe it’s time for hallmark to start investing in green ink…

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