losing the game

oh, wow. i’m blogging about instagram again.

the beast.

it seems that instagram holds the whole yoga world captive in its far-reaching facebook-y tentacles. as hard as i have tried, it seems i have been fighting an uphill war of attrition.

i keep my eye on other people i know with skyrocketing numbers of followers.

when i ask their secret, they invariably reply “well, some people buy their followers. but, of course, i didn’t. i’m just saying…”

how odd that their profiles are filled with users all with just one photo of a flower or a car (sometimes the same one as the other followers) from russia or the middle east. of course i am not suggesting that they are buying their followers. what upstanding “yogi” would do that?


have we become that desperate for admiration and validation? wait! don’t answer that.

how can i compare to the girl who’s description simply states that she is on the path to deeper enlightenment and her whole feed is of back-side yoga poses in buttless bikinis? me in my tee shirts and handstands?

answer: i can’t.

i mean, it is disconcerting that in the past week, i have had a net loss of 17 followers. that after receiving 56 new followers. (in case you hate math, that means 73 unfollows). but who’s counting?

oh, never mind! those aren’t followers. those are follow-unfollowers. people who (either with or without a bot) like and then unlike you in order to draw your attention and hope you will follow them back.

which is why i stopped following “followers” a long time ago and only follow people who i know, love, and/or interact with in a two-way fashion on a regular basis.

this instagram game is so manipulative, so phony and, yes, so un-yogic. beyond the simple egotistical gratification of a like or a follow is the unfortunate reality that likes translate into students and followers translate into fuller workshops. but, alas, it’s a game you have to play to stay viable these days.

or at least semi-viable, when all you have is a few thousands (earned) followers instead of 50,000 or 100,000 purchased (oh! i said it!) ones.

so, here i sit. refusing to buy my followers, get naked, or follow-unfollow. is it costing me street cred and business? yes. but it’s saving my integrity.



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