living the life

whenever i have the awesome opportunity to teach in europe, i am always flooded with messages from friends and family telling me, “you sure live the life!”.

i will be the first to admit that i am blessed beyond my wildest imagination to be able to see the world the way i do, to meet the most amazing people along the way…and to actually get paid for it. believe me, i don’t need anyone to remind me of that.

here’s what’s interesting, though:

in america, people think you have to travel to europe to live the life.

in europe, they just live it.IMG_8879

i don’t mean this on the most obvious, basic level…that we think of their actual home as a vacation spot. heck, i live in l.a….on that level, i am also living the dream.

i mean it on a more fundamental level.

everyone in europe lives the life.

in europe, carpe diem isn’t a hip catch phrase, it’s a lifestyle. they don’t sweat the small stuff like we do. they eat well and eat big. they are passionate and loving and generous and gracious and they are happy. and when i’m there, i am happy, too. like crazy happy. insanely happy. over the moon happy.

granted, i am spending my time with yogis and yoginis, so, certainly the combination of yoga and europe is a potently happy one.

but when you look at the european culture, “the life” is built right in. siestas and long vacations, huge value in family and friends, and meals that never seem to end.

even look at the language. in american dialogue, we have life. in european languages, it’s never just life. it’s always the life. la vita, la vida, la vie…

we can probably learn a lot from the europeans. they can learn yoga from me, but i am more than happy to learn about the life from them.

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