life hack: core strength

i will be the very first to admit that i don’t have those fabulous, flat, ripped abs that you see in sports illustrated…but i do have damn strong abs. damn strong.

as a result, people are always asking me what they should be doing to increase their own core strength.


so, in addition to my youtube core videos and my infamous ab challenge on vimeo–which will all give you insane core strength, i’m about to let you in on a little secret. a life hack.


you may want to sit down for this, because it will blow you away! but sit up straight!

the easiest, fastest way to a strong core is to sit up and stand up tall. always.

now, before you get pissed off, like i just ripped you off and tricked you into reading 150 words (about 250 if you get to the end of the post), try this:

got it?

now stand and sit like that all day. if you do it correctly, i guarantee that you will not only experience stronger abs, but also less back pain, as your core is the back of your lower back (you with me?), literally the wall that supports it.

most people don’t like to sit or stand tall because it’s uncomfortable. uncomfortable because it actually requires muscles…muscles that they have never developed. now you know–you can develop them without ever doing a single sit-up. though i do encourage you to do at least one of my ab challenges every day. 😉

oh…and one more benefit: core strength is “the secret to all of yoga”. once this engagement becomes second nature, watch how your entire yoga practice evolves, as well.

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