Hard Reset

I tried intermittent fasting. It worked. And then it didn't.

And then it did.

It wasn't quite that simple. But it worked.

Here's what happened:

First, I got a Lumen metabolism hacker and it taught me how to balance my carbs, fats and proteins for my personal activity level, at any and every point of the day. Instead of a generic, one-size fits all diet, I breathe into my Lumen device and it tells me when I am burning fat and when I am burning carbs, so I know exactly what I should be eating, when. Oh...and it also gives me sample meal suggestions (which really helps because I have a K-IQ (Kitchen IQ) of about negative 3).

Breathing into my Lumen metabolism hacker.

What shocked me the most about my readings is that I need to eat a lot more fat. Like, a lot more. And then some.

So, I started downing the good fats, adding olive oil to my smoothies and avocado to my--well--everything...

(You can get your Lumen for $50 off with code SHANA and get your hard reset, too!)

Second, I shifted my eating schedule.

It was not really a grand plan, so much as a natural evolution, but every afternoon I eat a meal until I am full--being sure to add a lot of extra good fats--and at some point, I have a huge mug of matcha green tea. The two things put together basically fill me to the brim and the rest of the evening is spent digesting.

If I do find myself hungry at night, I make a protein smoothie, have some peanut butter, or some crackers with vegan spread on top. Intermittent fasting is not a deliberate, structured discipline for me and I am more than happy to eat whenever I feel like eating.

What I find eating like this is that I wake up every morning feeling clean and clear in body and in mind and totally invigorated to face the day.

(Bonus for the Jews in the room: it makes fasting on Yom Kippur a whole heck of a lot easier! 😂✡️)

Third comes the weekends. You know, wheeeeeeee-kends. Where I eat way too much of not the best (but still vegan, of course!) stuff on earth, morning, noon and night, because food is fun. 🤷‍♀️

In my past life, these culinary escapades would not bode well for my waistline. But these days, they literally have no effect on the scale.


Think of it like CrossFit for your diet. CrossFit relies on muscle confusion--constantly shifting things up to shock your body into overdrive. Same with food. If you eat a certain way most of the time, and then a completely different way the rest of the time, your body kicks into high gear to process and metabolize the extra food and bring you back to homeostasis.

I have had a hard reset and my reset weight is 10-15 pounds less than it was just six months ago! And anyone who follows me on social media can see the difference. It has been pretty profound.

Fourth, (I hate giving away this secret, but....) I started drinking Jacked Factory Nitro Surge Shred a half-hour before each practice. A combination of amino acids and caffeine, this product has been a complete game changer for me. (Promise, I am not paid or sponsored in any way to say this).

Someone gave me a jar and I tried it on a whim and it was like SHAZAM! 💥

Honestly, after trying it the first time, I did a lot of research to see if it is even legal, it is so extraordinarily potent. (Spoiler alert: it is.)

Now, at 51 years old, I am leaner than I have been in as long as I can remember. I feel lighter (because I am) and stronger, my mind is clearer and my whole yoga practice feels more organic and powerful.

Miracles do happen. Sometimes it just takes a little reset.

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