instant karma’s not gonna get you

bad news.

instant karma is not gonna get you.

worse news.

there’s no such thing as instant karma beyond the beatles.

as my mom always told me, “life is not a meritocracy.” and as an adult, i can now attest (excuse my french), “no shit.”

i say this by way of justifying the karmic concept, as there is a huge misunderstanding in the western world that karma is simply the fancy foreign word for “what comes around, goes around.”

it’s not.

and it is.

actually, karma means that the kindnesses we foster in this lifetime, we will be rewarded for in the next. and the lessons we fail to learn in this lifetime we are destined to suffer again in the next. each life, we come back carrying the baggage of our past lives and our job here is to get rid of what’s inside. we have to keep coming back and coming back until all our lessons are learned, our demons conquered, our attachments detached.

if karma dictated (as so many mistakenly believe) that the good thing i do today will be repaid in kind tomorrow, there would be no way to defend it. no way to hold the theory up.

look around. there are many very good people who are constantly suffering, constantly being challenged, constantly behind the eight ball. and, of course, there are many very bad people who are extremely happy, healthy and wealthy in this world. and their success just keeps on multiplying.

sorry to be the anti-pollyanna here. i would love to believe in instant karma just as much as the next guy. some call me a pessimist. it’s not that at all. if you look to the yamas and niyamas of yoga sutras, the combination of ishvara pranidhana (submission to a higher power), santosa (contentment), and aparigraha (non-greed) all dictate that if you believe in a higher power, you have to be content with exactly what you have been given and know that life is following a perfect order.

you can be the nicest, kindest, most generous and wonderful person on the face of the planet. it doesn’t mean that your life will be fabulous…or even great…or even good…or even pleasant. but it does mean that the next life will be easier and one day you will even transcend this whole worldly existence. it could take thousands of lifetimes. it’s hardly instant. but march on karmic soldier. you’re on the path.

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