instagram has ruined my yoga practice!

i love instagram. i hate instagram. ugh! instagram!

instagram was not made for yogis over 40. or yoginis, for that matter.


can you see the joy and ease on my face?

you may think i’m saying this because i’m not as pretty as the hot, young girls yoga posing on instagram. or maybe because i’m not as sexy. true…i’m neither as pretty or sexy. or popular, for that matter. see above.

but those are not the reasons why instagram is for young people.

oh…and it has nothing to do with technology moving so fast, i can’t keep up with it. though, i can’t. (what is the point of snapchat, exactly? and what is a vine anyway?)

yeah, being the old woman in the game (45!) means that i still have to post every day. it still has to be cool pix of awesome poses. i’m blessed that i can still do a lot of truly awesome poses at my advanced age, and i love experimenting and trying new stuff each day.


when i was younger–say, in my 30’s–i could do any pose without warming up. want me to show you how to drop back into backbend, through handstand to standing? no problem. badda-boom-badda-bing. leg behind the head arm balances? in my sleep. twisting like “the exorcist”. sure, no problem!

img_4493not any more.

honestly, i can still do all the stuff now that i could do back then, but now i can only do it warm. like, really warm.

and, so, posting on instagram every day means shooting photos an hour into my practice. during the heat, before the cool down. which means that in the middle of my practice, i need to get my phone, set up the shots, check the lighting, the position of my mat, get everything just right (or as just right as any media i partake in ever gets…which is never quite just right) and shoot.

my daily practice, which used to be so focused and concentrated is now punctuated by this weird social media diversion that completely takes me out of my mental game.

social media is convinced that yoga is purely physical. it’s all about the poses. but i have to say that all this focus on the external has really compromised my internal practice. it’s sad and it’s a real loss for me, but do you really just want to see photos of me lying around in savasana each day? because at least that’s a pose i can do without warming up.


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  2. depressing… | YOGAthletica on March 3, 2017 at 2:00 am03

    […] this Instagram post by was the nail in the coffin for me (notice the 132 […]

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