how to love your job (even if you aren’t a yoga instructor)

does the acronym “tgif” mean anything to you? do you live for the weekend? hate mondays?

if so, i have some bad news for you. you’re wasting 5/7th’s of your life. and that sucks. life is short enough as it is.

let’s assume–like 98% of the world (according to my own very unscientific survey of no one)–you hate your job. you wake up early for it, trudge through your eight-hour-or-longer days, come home drained, top of your night, crawl into bed exhausted and restart the whole process.

for what???

what could possibly be worth this misery that plagues your mondays, infiltrates your tuesdays, overhangs your wednesdays, haunts your thursdays, and whiles away your fridays?

if you are a yoga instructor, chances are this is a foreign concept. you love what you do and what you do keeps you happy. all days are good days and weekends are just more wonderful days. life is a bowl of cherries! right?


but if that’s not you, i’ll let you in on a little secret. there’s a way to love your life. all of it. including the job part.

here it is: gratitude.

we talk a lot about gratitude, but usually save it for the things we really cherish. we are thankful for our health, we are thankful for our wealth, we are thankful for our relationships…

it’s time to be thankful for our jobs.

when you have way too much work and find yourself completely overwhelmed, be thankful that you are blessed to be in such high demand. there are people out there who are dying to find work…any work.

when you pay your taxes and that check is so painful to write, be thankful that you earn enough to pay taxes. you don’t owe it if you don’t earn it.

when your boss is a total ass and makes your days a living misery, be thankful s/he keeps you on board. that “shitty job” is a blessing.

when you pay your mortgage/rent, your car payment, buy yourself a cup of coffee or a yoga membership, be thankful that your job earns you the money that makes it all possible.

if you can make this one simple mental shift, any job becomes a really great job. and any week a week well spent. not to mention the money you got to spend as a result…

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