how many times have you said this???

i would assume i am not alone in saying that, as a yoga instructor, the comment i hear from students the most is, “i wish i started yoga ten/twenty/thirty years ago!”.

heck, i’ve said it myself! (i didn’t start yoga until just before my 30th birthday).

well, unfortunately, we don’t have time machines, but we do live in the era of kids’ yoga, so the next generation can one day say, “i am so happy that i started yoga ten/twenty/thirty years ago!”.

when i founded mini yogis yoga for kids in march of 2002, the notion of yoga for children was considered novel at best, ludicrous at worst. now, in 2020, children’s yoga is ubiquitous and as mainstream as adult yoga.

how times change!

well…i’m about to change the world of yoga for youth again.

this time, not just with classes, but with teacher training, giving today’s teens and tweens the chance to not just immerse themselves in the practice, but actually get certified to teach in the process.

as of today, america’s youngest certified male and female instructors both are YOGAthletica teacher training grads. they are flourishing as teachers, as practitioners, and as human beings. tabay took my adult intensive just before his 11th birthday and natalie did it when she was 12. remarkable!

i wish i did my training when i was that young!

see? there i go!

this summer, i am offering the first ever 200-hour teacher training certification course exclusively for exceptional teens and tweens. so many have been inspired by tabay’s and natalie’s journeys and are excited to follow in their footsteps.

working with kids has always been my passion, so i am personally so thrilled to be able to spend my summer surrounded by passionate and motivated youth. i love to see young people taking on extraordinary endeavors and making an impact on the world around them! and i am honored and humbled to be a part of the process.

this training will be an opportunity for young adults to explore the depths of yoga, while getting certified to teach adults, kids and other teens and tweens, all in one training experience.

beyond the inevitably profound personal growth, it is also a way for the training grads to earn money while they are students and beyond, to excel at a tremendous feat, and it looks amazing on a college application.

for ten extraordinary teens and tweens, 2020 is going to be a summer to remember. will your kid be one of them?

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