holiday aparigraha

forget about the list of things we want during the holidays–the jewelry, the cars, the houses in the hamptons–and let’s talk for a second about the things that we need.

any day of the week, you can hear yourself with that list. it’s a great topic of conversation.

“i really need a new pair of jeans. i’ve been wearing these for a year!”

“i need to get some paintings for that wall. it looks so bare.”

“god, do i need a new purse!”

well…there are actually people out there who may only have one pair of jeans…that they’ve been wearing for decades. and, of course, there are those without walls for paintings. and i think god has better things to think about than your new purse.

the mass consumerism that dominates not only the holiday season, but our everyday lives is very non-aparigraha-like. let’s all step back and think about the true need that exists in this world. maybe i will have one fewer pair of shoes, but i can help put shoes on someone else’s feet.

yoga teaches us to detach from material wealth and, personally, i say love that car, love those jeans, love that home. but be grateful, take nothing for granted, and always, always give back.

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