guru shmuru

when i was a kid, i was obsessed with john stamos. my bedroom was wallpapered with every teen beat poster of him i could find. to me, he was a god. why? i guess because i thought he was cute…i mean isn’t god cute?

enter high school…my fabulous drama teacher happened to have also been john stamos’s drama teacher and, as such, john would come to visit our school and talk to the drama students every year. let me quickly add that i had no interest in drama whatsoever, but i took the classes just so i could meet john. (my teacher understood this and was very kind in indulging my misguided intentions).

so, first time i got to hear john speak (and let’s put this in context…i’m 40, so these were his early “full house” days), i was apoplectic with excitement. my heart was beating out of my chest. i was sure he would see this gawky 14-year-old in the sea of gawky other-teen-olds, fall in love and we would live happily ever after.

and then he opened his mouth. and he was arrogant, aloof, stand-offish, and a plain old jerk. at that moment, he fell from grace in my eyes. i had attributed him with all these positive characteristics that had no basis in reality…all he was was a pretty face. goodbye pedestal.

so i guess i learned pretty early on that people are just people. just because someone is powerful, or attractive, or successful, or particularly proficient at yoga postures, does not make them a good person. and there are a lot of teachers out there who are quick to talk the talk, but completely uninterested in walking the walk.

too often in today’s world, we inflate our yoga teachers to guru status. as if they are somehow elevated, above us, as human beings. to that i say no one is better, more elevated, or more important than you are. not the president, not john stamos, not your favorite yoga teacher. we’re all working on the same stuff and we’re all sharing the same consciousness and work.

so, for all the hordes and masses who would love to kiss, caress, and lay garlands at my feet, i say stop (but feel free to massage, if you want!). want to kiss some feet? work those hamstrings and kiss your own. the guru lies within.

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