go manduka or go home!

(disclosure: i was neither paid nor asked to write this blog post, but wrote it entirely because of how much i believe in this product. i do, however, receive commission on sales related to my links.)

for more than ten years, i have practiced on, loved, and clung to my beloved manduka black mat pro, whom i affectionately call “matty.”

truth is, i won’t practice without matty. if, for some reason, he forgot to jump in my car on the way to a class, there will be no class that day. period. i love matty and here’s why everyone should go manduka or go home

1.  this mat is thick enough that you do not need extra padding for your tender little head or knees within your practice. this creates a more stable and fluid practice, as you don’t have to blob up mats or towels underneath you and everything stays nice and even.

2. unlike other thick mats, the black mat also happens to be stable. other mats, you sort of squish down to the floor as you stand on them, creating a wobbly, unstable foundation. i know you’ve been in classes where you see people step off their mats for balancing poses…they’re not using the manduka black mat!

3. many mats bunch up in poses where energy is moving inwards (such as the arms in pincha mayurasana), which makes a pose difficult to align and balance in. and some of the more “organic” mats also actually stretch over time and no longer lie flat on the floor. the manduka black mat will always lie flat on the floor no matter what you do on it.

4. the manduka black mat is indestructible. in over ten years on the same mat, i have yet to put a single scratch or ding in my mat. whereas i can literally start tearing through other mats in just one practice. what does that mean? you buy one of these mats one time and you never have to buy another mat…ever!

5. tying back to #4…for anyone who says the manduka black mat isn’t eco-friendly like some other mats…well, you will never have to throw away your manduka mat as long as you live…and your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren can use it, too. and, honestly, how long do you think it takes those “biodegradable” mats to break down in a landfill…? honestly…

6. for everyone who has ever complained that the black mat is too heavy…really? you’re on your way to yoga class and you’re not strong enough to carry a yoga mat? the extra ounces will not kill you. promise.

7. the manduka pro no longer just comes in black. you can also get it in purple, blue, red, green…now when i was a kid you could only get black…not that there’s anything wrong with that…

8. you can get special offers on manduka purchases right now! so what are you waiting for??? here’s your secret code: kickasana

now go out and revolutionize your practice, already! now!

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  1. stefiharr on October 26, 2012 at 2:00 pm10

    I use it, too…and it makes all the difference in the world! 🙂

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