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For The Love Of Injuries

Injuries suck, don’t they?

Especially as an athlete. They. Just. Suck.

You can’t do your usual yoga practice or workout or routine. And pain is just not that fun.


To answer the original question. No. Injuries don’t suck.

Let me tell you what even the worst injuries are good for:

  1. They inform your body on how to protect it in the future. Hello, mindfulness!
  2. They inform your brain about the dynamics of your body. Hello, physiology!
  3. They put your ego in check. Hello, baby steps!
  4. They put your creativity in play. Hello, workarounds!
  5. They challenge the power of your mind. Hello, Law of Attraction!

Want my personal formula for overcoming injuries? This is going to sound crazy, but even when I tore my meniscus, I didn’t take a day off of practice. In fact, I didn’t even change that much of my routine…even though I couldn’t walk down the street without excruciating pain. Ever heard the concept of “mind over matter”? This stuff is real, folks. Watch my full video for exactly how the magic works.

Just like in life, we will be hurt on the yoga mat. Life will hand you broken hearts, broken dreams, broken spirits. Yoga is sometimes broken bones, ripped muscles, and torn ligaments. (Sorry, but it’s true.) In case you’ve never heard it before, what you bring to your mat is what you bring to your life. Don’t be fooled. A torn ligament is very similar to a broken heart. And the healing process is the same, too.

The secret: gratitude.

Gratitude may come in the simple form of, “I tore my meniscus. Thank God I have two working legs in the first place.” Or it may go deeper.

You want to know where the real opportunity for personal growth comes in? First of all, let me be honest, this can take serious time and tremendous effort. It can take days or weeks, months or years. But the day that you can wake up, look in the mirror and sincerely thank God for the challenge He gave you and the lessons it taught you is the day your life will change.

I wish I could tell you life is all rainbows and unicorns. I wish life were all rainbows and unicorns. It’s not.

So, as long as you know with certainty that the hard times are going to come, make a decision. Are you going to waste those days or be thankful that you were given them at all? My two cents: life is too short to waste any of your days.

Listen, until you can find gratitude for the good and the bad in your life, you simply cannot grow to your full potential.

Oh…and there is no bad…


  1. Judy Heissler on June 20, 2024 at 2:00 am06

    Love this message Shana.
    Drawing from the deeper well of gratitude. ❤️

    • Shana on June 20, 2024 at 2:00 am06

      I know how pure and open your heart and soul are. You are gratitude and you are pure inspiration. ♥️

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