flip that switch!

for my first year or two of yoga, i had no real introduction to arm balances or inversions. i had seen them in photos, but that’s it. they looked freaky and scary and there is nothing you could have done to convince me that i could actually do one. this stuff was for people who had been gymnasts or circus performers their whole lives. i was neither and i knew they were not for me.

fact is, in life (as in yoga), many people assume that they can’t do the challenging bits before they even try them. if something lies out of their comfort zone, a mental barrier is quickly and strongly constructed and there is no breaking through it, jumping over it, or otherwise deconstructing it.

me…it took a while for me to even make an honest attempt at anything arm-y (crow pose first…) simply because my mind was completely shut off to it.

then one day i signed up for an arm balance and inversion workshop and i just decided that if anyone could do it, i could do it too.

you’re not going to believe that it was this simple, but it was. as soon as i flipped that switch, everything became possible to me. that day i went from the staunch belief that i could do nothing to the indestructible belief that i could do anything. and i could. that’s not to say that it didn’t take work. it took a lot. but i suddenly gained the confidence of knowing that if i worked–and worked hard–at anything (anything at all!), it could be mastered.

here’s the thing: your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. convince yourself of your incompetence and you will almost always be right. convince yourself otherwise and the world will open up to you. it’s your choice. check out your switch and see where it’s stuck. now flip it.


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  1. The Dreaded Yogi on April 30, 2012 at 2:00 pm04

    great! i’ve been working with this for a while but never tried the socks exercise. you break it down and explain really well, thanks for sharing 🙂

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