fire! fire!

so you’re in this yoga class, in some lunge for an extraordinary amount of time, and your leg is burning off. if you don’t get out of this pose, you’re just going to die…but the teacher is rambling, pontificating about some sutra or guna or something and the pose has no end in sight.

your mind is screaming “head for the hills!” but your body is a little confused, “should i stay or should i go?”


have you ever felt humbled just walking by a wheelchair-bound person who is sitting in a park, watching as children and families run and play in every direction? i have. and when i’m in that lunge–the one that is absolutely killing me–i often have to mentally step back for a moment and remind myself just how lucky i am to have that leg. and how extremely lucky i am to be able to stand on that leg. and how incredibly lucky i am to be able to stand on that leg until it burns.

with a little perspective, i generally find that any pose is manageable for any length of time…i just need to stop cursing the challenge and start acknowledging the blessing…because it is there. i promise.


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