the full monty

if you follow me on social media, perhaps you’ve heard. or perhaps, you need to follow me a lot closer… my newest vimeo video, “the full monty”, is up and here’s why it gets its own blog post! this is a video i have been meaning to make for years but, quite frankly, i’ve been…

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the same thing…over…and over…and over again…

it started on april 14. i made a commitment that day to recite the mourner’s kaddish and psalm 23 daily for everyone who has lost his or her life either due to, or during, the coronavirus pandemic, until this nightmare, too, shall pass. every day at 1pm (pacific), i go on facebook live to say the…

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covidYAMA and coroNIYAMA

as coronavirus sentences us to solitary confinement, we are each given a unique opportunity to step back, take inventory, and think about who we were coming into this pandemic…and who we will be coming out. we are all suffering in our own way, be it emotionally, financially, mentally or all of the above. and while…

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paying the yoga bills

By Shana | December 27, 2011

i know a yogini who had $30,000 in debt with target. yes, target. please don’t ask me how…i can only imagine. anyway, seven years passed and the debt still wasn’t paid. target was still knocking down her door for payment and she was indignant. according to her, if seven years have passed, the debt should…

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sex sells!

By Shana | December 26, 2011

so, there have been some comments about my incredibly glamorous hairstyle in yesterday’s youtube video. perhaps i should reshoot with something more fabulous. afterall, sex sells, right? i’m sure the yogis thousands of years ago would never have shot a video like this without at least a stylist and some strategic make-up! what was i…

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freestanding handstands! happy christmukkah!

By Shana | December 25, 2011

for your holiday gift, i spent hours if not days looking for the perfect present. it basically came down to a candle shaped like jesus, a latke doorstop, or this…a video on how to do a freestanding handstand (adha mukha vrksasana) in the middle of the room. yi-ha! right? check it out at

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holiday aparigraha

By Shana | December 24, 2011

forget about the list of things we want during the holidays–the jewelry, the cars, the houses in the hamptons–and let’s talk for a second about the things that we need. any day of the week, you can hear yourself with that list. it’s a great topic of conversation. “i really need a new pair of…

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shoulderstand ballet

By Shana | December 23, 2011

what is it about supported shoulderstand (salamba sarvangasana) that people go into it and they suddenly think they are in the bolshoi ballet? they start doing twists, splits, little air plies. this is a phenomenon that continues to mystify me. all yoga poses are termed “asana” because of the stillness (mental and physical) they are…

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yoga for everyone and his mom…as long as his mom wants to work her ass off.

By Shana | December 22, 2011

when i left the world of hard-core athletes ten years ago for a life of yoga, it wasn’t because of the workout…even though it is an amazing workout, for sure. the term “yoga” means “yoke”.  yoke what? yoke together. yoke together what? yoke together mind, body, and spirit. honestly, you don’t have to be doing…

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