Never Ask Yourself This Question

I have to be honest. I’ve never asked myself this question. And in fact, I’m pretty sure the only reason it’s even a thing is because pop psychology made it one. So, have you ever asked yourself: “Am I Enough?” I guess my biggest problem with this question is its utterly vague nature. Enough of…

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Absolute PerFlexion

Honestly, the Ashtanga Yoga Sun Salutation A (Surya Namaskara A) is just such a perfect sequence. Its brilliance never fails to amaze me. The whole package is so delicious and really has everything you need for a complete yoga practice except a twist…and Savasana. Today, I want to talk specifically about the spine. Because, ultimately,…

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You’re Going To HATE This Post!

Perhaps you’ve heard (and if you’ve ever been to a yoga class, I assume you have): success in yoga depends on releasing your ego. Ego. That word can be so triggering. No one wants to admit they have one. Everyone has one. Yes, even you. And, yes, even me. The question is, can you acknowledge…

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life hack: core strength

By Shana | January 14, 2017

i will be the very first to admit that i don’t have those fabulous, flat, ripped abs that you see in sports illustrated…but i do have damn strong abs. damn strong. as a result, people are always asking me what they should be doing to increase their own core strength. okay… so, in addition to…

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two kinds of people…

By Shana | January 5, 2017

world-renowned social scientist that i am, i have come to the conclusion that there are two kinds of people in the world. yes. just two. a bit of background… for those of you who have not been to my classes (why haven’t you been to one of my classes???), they are hard. as in, damn…

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instagram has ruined my yoga practice!

By Shana | December 5, 2016

i love instagram. i hate instagram. ugh! instagram! instagram was not made for yogis over 40. or yoginis, for that matter. you may think i’m saying this because i’m not as pretty as the hot, young girls yoga posing on instagram. or maybe because i’m not as sexy. true…i’m neither as pretty or sexy. or…

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Greedy Yoga

By Shana | November 2, 2016

We live in an instant gratification society. Text messages, microwave ovens, teletransportation. Okay…we don’t have teletransportation yet. But, admit it, you’d take it if we did. Everyone wants everything and they want it today. Yesterday. In yoga, this is a problem. Practitioners have become greedy in their practice. Wherein yoga was once a holistic, lifelong…

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Getting to the Core with Sadie Nardini

By Shana | September 19, 2016

On October 5-6, the inimitable Sadie Nardini will be gracing the stage of the MINDBODY BOLD Conference in Los Angeles. Such a deliciously idiosyncratic yogini. Think Sid Vicious meets the Dalai Lama…in female form. Sadie marches to the beat of her own (punk) drummer and looks at yoga and life (isn’t yoga life afterall?) in…

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what is real? are you sure???

By Shana | August 19, 2016

Have you seen Kumare? You need to! In a tiny nutshell that doesn’t do this mind-blowing documentary justice, it’s the (true) story of a man who pretends to be a guru to see who will follow him. At first, the experiment is pretty much a joke to him, but as real followers begin to entrust…

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poor little backbends

By Shana | June 22, 2016

i have a confession to make. i’ve neglected my backbends. unforgivably so. it all started innocently enough. about ten years ago, i slid down the slippery slope of handstand and core obsession. as i became more and more enthralled with the thrill of inversion, my practice became more and more core and handstand intensive. overall,…

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there are options

By Shana | May 25, 2016

so…you say you really, really want to take my 200-hour teacher training, but you can’t afford it. hey! there are options! have you considered selling your organs? i’m sure you already know that you don’t need that second kidney. and your gall bladder…what does that thing do, anyway? have a gold tooth? you can melt…

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asana’s worst enemy

By Shana | April 8, 2016

if you’re like most people on earth, you probably spend a good part of your life sitting around. sitting at the computer, at meals, while driving, watching tv, hanging out on the toilet, and whatever else you sit around and do. and this may or may not come as a shocker to you, but sitting…

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E.T. Phone Home!

By Shana | April 3, 2016

When I was a kid I was completely traumatized when a mean girl at camp saw my legs dangling over the side of the bunk bed and squealed loudly “Oh my God! You have ET feet!” All in all, it was a very unimportant event in the history of my very eventful life, but somehow…

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a matter of life or death!

By Shana | January 31, 2016

this is the pose. warrior two. one day–maybe five years ago–we were all in this pose. and something inside of me starting laughing. at myself. at the teacher. and at everyone around me. here we were, a bunch of fully grown adults standing still like statues in some sort of superhero museum, taking it as…

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yoga for butterflies

By Shana | January 6, 2016

it must be pretty comfortable to be a caterpillar. you get to wrap yourself up in a warm, soft cocoon and sleep for ages. pretty much my world’s greatest fantasy. but then…there’s a choice. you can stay cuddled in your comfy cocoon for the rest of your life until you die, or you can wake…

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oh! my!! god!!!

By Shana | November 12, 2015

we’ve all been there. something terrible–or seemingly terrible–happens and we suddenly become very religious. we pray and pray to a god we only really talk to when something terrible (or seemingly terrible) happens. we promise him we will never sin again if he just fixes this one problem. we’ll give 100% of our income to…

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there are no bad decisions…

By Shana | August 22, 2015

when you look back upon your life, there’s a good chance that you can pick out the good decisions from the bad. breaking up with your abusive boyfriend, good. breaking up with the love of your life, bad. leaving a dead-end job, good. leaving a fabulous job for hopes of better, bad. jumping into your…

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because, cecil the lion.

By Shana | July 31, 2015

warning. you may be personally offended by this blog post. sorry. it’s actually time to get off your high lion, step back and truly examine the concept of ahimsa. i have to admit, i have not seen the viral video of a dentist killing cecil the lion. because i’m already a vegan, i feel like…

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i do believe in spooks. i do. i do believe in spooks.

By Shana | May 27, 2015

go ahead and laugh. i cried myself to sleep on saturday night. yeah…that’s not the funny part. i cried myself to sleep because i was afraid of a ghost. see, i was staying at the notoriously haunted fort garry hotel in winnipeg and they put me in the room directly adjacent to the room directly…

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someone call guinness!!!

By Shana | April 29, 2015

well, i did it. i just finished teaching the world’s smallest yoga teacher training in history. three students (and me) in my little home yoga studio. and. it. ROCKED! while other trainings have 20, 30, 50…or more students, i had just three. and everyone kept asking me how it was financially worthwhile…and why didn’t i…

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the urban yoga soundtrack

By Shana | April 20, 2015

home practice. what could be more ideal? nothing but you and the silence of your surroundings. no being subjected to the endless chatter of some talky teacher. no being distracted by the sweaty, smelly masses around you. just you, your mat, and your practice. or, if you’re me…jackhammers. just me, my mat, my practice and…

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how losing control brings control

By Shana | March 8, 2015

i have this one student who gives me what she calls “bonus animal noises” when she feels like she is losing control of a pose. as in, she thinks she’s about to fall out of a handstand and then monkey-like sounds emit from her mouth. that’s the first sign of impending doom. then there is…

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the greedy giver

By Shana | February 16, 2015

aparigraha. non-greed. one of the basic precepts (yamas) of yoga. part of the moral code for living. on the surface, this is an easy one. don’t take what you don’t need, and give what you can. right? well, right-ish. nothing in yoga (or life) is quite that simple. any basically good human being knows that…

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you don't need a yin practice.

By Shana | January 23, 2015

so, i was working with a student–coincidentally named yin–and she was pontificating the value of a yin practice. her exact words (to the best of my recollection): “i really should start a yin practice, huh?” honestly, my response: no. let me preface this by saying these are my thoughts while i am still (relatively) young…

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