mental override

it seems that every yoga studio on earth has made the (odd) decision to install air conditioning units that require three master degrees in engineering (and perhaps a doctorate or two) to make them work. people are always asking me to set the temperature and, as hard as i try, i just sit there punching…

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yelp me out here!

sorry for the rant, but yelp hates me. and if you are a small business, chances are that they hate you, too. i am not talking about the reviewers (they love me! all five stars!). i’m talking about the actual app and how it is nefariously and deliberately aligned against small business. very un-yoga-like. it’s…

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Westside Walky-Talky by POEMliving

What is Walky-Talky? Well, it’s pretty much what it sounds like. We walk together and we talk: honest companionship that helps you transcend the isolation of the digital age. Too commonly, we lose ourselves inside our tech, work 24/7, and completely miss out on the broader spectrum of living. Human interaction has largely disintegrated into…

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there are no bad decisions…

By Shana | August 22, 2015

when you look back upon your life, there’s a good chance that you can pick out the good decisions from the bad. breaking up with your abusive boyfriend, good. breaking up with the love of your life, bad. leaving a dead-end job, good. leaving a fabulous job for hopes of better, bad. jumping into your…

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because, cecil the lion.

By Shana | July 31, 2015

warning. you may be personally offended by this blog post. sorry. it’s actually time to get off your high lion, step back and truly examine the concept of ahimsa. i have to admit, i have not seen the viral video of a dentist killing cecil the lion. because i’m already a vegan, i feel like…

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i do believe in spooks. i do. i do believe in spooks.

By Shana | May 27, 2015

go ahead and laugh. i cried myself to sleep on saturday night. yeah…that’s not the funny part. i cried myself to sleep because i was afraid of a ghost. see, i was staying at the notoriously haunted fort garry hotel in winnipeg and they put me in the room directly adjacent to the room directly…

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someone call guinness!!!

By Shana | April 29, 2015

well, i did it. i just finished teaching the world’s smallest yoga teacher training in history. three students (and me) in my little home yoga studio. and. it. ROCKED! while other trainings have 20, 30, 50…or more students, i had just three. and everyone kept asking me how it was financially worthwhile…and why didn’t i…

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the urban yoga soundtrack

By Shana | April 20, 2015

home practice. what could be more ideal? nothing but you and the silence of your surroundings. no being subjected to the endless chatter of some talky teacher. no being distracted by the sweaty, smelly masses around you. just you, your mat, and your practice. or, if you’re me…jackhammers. just me, my mat, my practice and…

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how losing control brings control

By Shana | March 8, 2015

i have this one student who gives me what she calls “bonus animal noises” when she feels like she is losing control of a pose. as in, she thinks she’s about to fall out of a handstand and then monkey-like sounds emit from her mouth. that’s the first sign of impending doom. then there is…

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the greedy giver

By Shana | February 16, 2015

aparigraha. non-greed. one of the basic precepts (yamas) of yoga. part of the moral code for living. on the surface, this is an easy one. don’t take what you don’t need, and give what you can. right? well, right-ish. nothing in yoga (or life) is quite that simple. any basically good human being knows that…

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you don't need a yin practice.

By Shana | January 23, 2015

so, i was working with a student–coincidentally named yin–and she was pontificating the value of a yin practice. her exact words (to the best of my recollection): “i really should start a yin practice, huh?” honestly, my response: no. let me preface this by saying these are my thoughts while i am still (relatively) young…

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you don’t need a yin practice.

By Shana | January 23, 2015

so, i was working with a student–coincidentally named yin–and she was pontificating the value of a yin practice. her exact words (to the best of my recollection): “i really should start a yin practice, huh?” honestly, my response: no. let me preface this by saying these are my thoughts while i am still (relatively) young…

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get smart

By Shana | December 25, 2014

’tis the season. christmas. the time of year where i have to explain over and over again why i–a jew–do not celebrate christmas. the conversation usually goes something like this: them: merry christmas. me: thanks, but i’m jewish. i don’t celebrate christmas. 🙂 them: really? why not? me: because i’m jewish. them: but why don’t…

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om sweet om

By Shana | October 29, 2014

so it took me a little while to foster a consistent home practice. a few years really…well, let’s be honest, a decade… for the first few years, i would hunker down for a home practice, do a few sun salutations, a couple of poses, and ten minutes later, i was done. that was the end…

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a simple test to find out if you are ready for level 2/3 yoga classes…

By Shana | October 21, 2014

So, some people think they are ready for a 2/3 yoga class…until they actually take one and the truth becomes readily apparent. Here’s an easy test to determine whether you are 2/3 caliber: Go to a Level 2/3 yoga class. If you can’t wait for the next one, you’re ready. If you can’t bear the…

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how to go to an awesome yoga workshop and get absolutely nothing out of it

By Shana | October 10, 2014

one lovely day many years ago, i was lucky enough to attend an amazing, exclusive, private workshop with a world famous yogi who offered to teach a handful of people how to press into handstand. for a few hours, the group of us pushed and pressed our way through the material. everyone in the room…

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because i said you can…that’s why….

By Shana | August 14, 2014

it’s funny. i mean not ha-ha funny, but funny nonetheless. i work with a lot of special needs yoga students (that’s not the funny part), of every age and every challenge, be it mental, physical, or emotional. most of the time, i make tremendous strides. i’ve had a student come to me in a wheelchair…

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about last night…

By Shana | July 12, 2014

so…about last night. it wasn’t a great night. as some of you know, i am pretty active in pro-israel politics (“pretty active” as in: it’s the single most important thing in my life) and the recent events in israel have been quite unsettling, to say the least. it’s been a few days of conference call…

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the spiritual handstand

By Shana | July 3, 2014

So, here I am minding my own business, taking advantage of the awesome summer sun, practicing on the cliffs in Santa Monica. Runners run by, bikers bike, strollers stroll…and then there’s this one random guy who feels it is very important to take it upon himself, come over to me, yell that “That’s not yoga,…

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my million dollar baby moment

By Shana | June 12, 2014

okay…i’ll admit it’s not the easiest transition in yoga, but honestly, it’s not the hardest one either. in fact, it’s pretty manageable…albeit perhaps a tad bit scary. i’m talking about vrschikasana in adho mukha vrksasana to gandha behrundasana, silly! but of course! oh…sound like sanskrit to you? basically, it’s going from scorpion in a handstand…

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there’s no business like yoga business…and i mean that literally…

By Shana | March 14, 2014

i’ll admit, i’ve been called a lot of things in my day–mostly behind my back–but the one thing that kills me every time is when people (let’s call them yoga instructors) accuse me of being (brace yourself) a businesswoman. usually in the form of “you think this is a business! it’s not! it’s yoga!” oh,…

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now, that's the yoga spirit!

By Shana | February 20, 2014

so…here’s a challenge…find the spirituality in a yoga class…in los angeles. i’ll wait… waiting… still waiting… sort of hard to find, huh? lodged somewhere deep between the guy with the turban who molests women and the naked girl who does a really nice split…it’s there…i promise you. and it’s there in every class. preposterous, i…

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the one yoga pose you never suspected would revolutionize your handstands forever!

By Shana | February 15, 2014

okay, i’m about to share a deep, dark secret with you about handstands. so, brace yourself. when i ask people what part of their body they think affects their ability to handstand the most, the #1 response i get is arms–or shoulders. and, yes, without arms and shoulders, handstands would be a bitch. pardonnez mon…

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how to go vegan in three easy steps

By Shana | November 22, 2013

there are some very hard things about being a vegan. for one, you can’t be a party to hurting, killing, or maiming any animals. (sorry!) like, you can’t trade the pain of an animal for the satisfaction of your sweet tooth, for example. it took me 21 years of being a strict vegetarian to finally…

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