There’s something very magical–mystical, even–about the yoga asana practice. People seem to float on air, they twist themselves into inhuman shapes, they stretch themselves like rubber bands. It can really seem like a practice that is reserved for an elite group of aliens from the Planet Pretzel, and inaccessible to most. But…it’s not. More than…

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Decompression = Relief!

We all know what a terrific tool yoga is for decompression. The practice allows us to relieve stress and anxiety to reattain mental equilibrium. But… When you practice advanced asana, sometimes yoga can actually cause compression. On a physical level, that is. Despite my strongest efforts to be incredibly mindful with my alignments, I have…

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Old Dog. New Tricks.

It’s not true what they say. Who the heck are they anyway? You can teach an old dog new tricks. As long as the dog is willing to learn. At 50 years old, the one thing I hear the most about people and relationships is that–by this age–people only become more and more entrenched in…

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how to love your job (even if you aren’t a yoga instructor)

By Shana | December 29, 2018

does the acronym “tgif” mean anything to you? do you live for the weekend? hate mondays? if so, i have some bad news for you. you’re wasting 5/7th’s of your life. and that sucks. life is short enough as it is. let’s assume–like 98% of the world (according to my own very unscientific survey of…

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the new yoga competition

By Shana | November 1, 2018

i remember when i first heard about bikram’s asana championship (was it in 2002?). i was absolutely appalled. how could there be an asana championship when asana is a state of mind far more than a state of body? were they going to attach electrodes to competitors’ heads to see who was the calmest? fast…

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instant karma’s not gonna get you

By Shana | October 5, 2018

bad news. instant karma is not gonna get you. worse news. there’s no such thing as instant karma beyond the beatles. as my mom always told me, “life is not a meritocracy.” and as an adult, i can now attest (excuse my french), “no shit.” i say this by way of justifying the karmic concept,…

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what would bob do?

By Shana | August 29, 2018

when i started yoga–around the turn of the century–each asana had two names. one was the sanskrit name and one was the translation. bhujangasana, cobra. dhanurasana, bow. natarajasana, king dancer. these days, it seems every pose has a hundred names. none in sanskrit and none in translation. classic asana nomenclature has transformed into modern slang.…

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love. yoga.

By Shana | July 21, 2018

the other day, i was asked the simple question, “what is love?”. though, of course, there is no simple answer. i may love yoga, my husband (the imaginary one), my cat, and my iphone, but each manifestation takes a completely different form than the other. i’m not going to have intercourse with yoga, my cat,…

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we are not yogis (or yoginis)

By Shana | June 24, 2018

hey ho, all ye seekers of truth and bliss! ye journeyers upon the yellow brick road to samadhi! o’ enlightened ones! have you picked up your copy of the yoga sutras of patanjali? you’ll want that one. it’s the roadmap for all good little yogis and yoginis. here are the cliff notes, in case you…

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top 6 reasons NOT to come to YOGAthletica teacher training

By Shana | May 31, 2018

so, you’re thinking about getting your yoga certification. good for you! great for you! spectacular for you! there are ten million teacher trainings out there. perhaps mine is one you are considering. terrific! i’m here to help you make the best possible decision…and offer the top five reasons why you should NOT come to YOGAthletica…

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losing the game

By Shana | May 3, 2018

oh, wow. i’m blogging about instagram again. the beast. it seems that instagram holds the whole yoga world captive in its far-reaching facebook-y tentacles. as hard as i have tried, it seems i have been fighting an uphill war of attrition. i keep my eye on other people i know with skyrocketing numbers of followers.…

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the satya superpower

By Shana | April 2, 2018

if you have ever read the yoga sutras of patanjali, you may be a bit cynical about some of its claims. for example, you may not actually believe that through the practice of perfect meditation and mindfulness you can make yourself invisible (3:21), read minds (3:19), or levitate (3:39). (then again, you might…and i would…

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it’s not what you think…really.

By Shana | March 1, 2018

Let’s talk about svadhyaya, shall we? Svadhyaya is the fourth of the niyamas (which are the second anga of the ashtanga) and certainly the most misunderstood. Literally translated: self-study. People bandy this word about in very fancy ways. On Facebook, on instagram, in blog posts. Very profound. They go on and on about deep, deep…

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your strongest muscle

By Shana | February 3, 2018

2017 was, well, crappy. Let’s not mince words. Among other things, I spent the entire second half of the year with excruciating tendinitis in both elbows (golfer’s AND tennis elbow in each)…and knees…and in my right biceps. Add to that two bad shoulders (that I have lived with for over a decade) and a neck…

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the yogi in my trashroom

By Shana | December 29, 2017

there’s a yogi in my trash room. ask patanjali. he’ll tell you all about it. in the astanga of the yoga sutras, there are eight limbs. the first two are yama and niyama…the code of conduct for living. and the culmination of the niyamas is ishvara pranidhana, submission to a higher power. the final limb…

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i will make you sing!

By Shana | November 17, 2017

i consider myself a pretty competent human being. i can at least sort of do everything i set out and try to do. that was until i tried making a singing bowl sing. 😆 thinking this would be another fabulous skill to add to my vast repertoire (think yoga, eating and sleeping), i got this…

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no will power at all

By Shana | October 2, 2017

when it comes to food, i have no will power. what can i say? the only thing i like better than food is eating food. no self-restraint. funny thing is, people always tell me, “wow! you’re a vegan? you have incredible will power.” they don’t get it. let me be perfectly clear…i am a very,…

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spirituality by any other name

By Shana | August 29, 2017

many years ago in a galaxy far, far away (well, malibu), a synagogue asked me if i could do “jewish yoga” for their women’s group. never one to say no to any opportunity anywhere ever, of course i said yes. whatever jewish yoga was. so, i put together this whole class that tied together yoga…

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kids are changing the (yoga) world

By Shana | July 8, 2017

the first time is an aberration. the second time is a trend. unless you live under a social media rock, you have heard about tabay atkins by now. and if you are just crawling out from the rock, a quick primer…tabay is america’s youngest certified yoga instructor. eleven years old. he completed my YOGAthletica teacher…

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getting older without getting old

By Shana | June 8, 2017

okay. i admit it. i have those days. you know, the days where you (grudgingly) wake up and say to yourself “maybe i’ll just take this one day off my yoga practice.” okay. i’ll admit it. i have them a lot. maybe because i never actually do take that day off (unless i am on…

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Do you know what your #VeganIQ Is?

By Shana | April 13, 2017

Quiz: What’s Your Vegan IQ? START QUIZ Powered by Quotes and Rates on Life Insurance Contributors: Shana Meyerson   Yogi Lucy Taylor   Accredited Dietitian & Nutritionist Carolyn Scott   Chef Lani Muelrath   Blogger   Show more Bernadette Giacomazzo   Writer Sandy Lo  …

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living the life

By Shana | April 10, 2017

whenever i have the awesome opportunity to teach in europe, i am always flooded with messages from friends and family telling me, “you sure live the life!”. i will be the first to admit that i am blessed beyond my wildest imagination to be able to see the world the way i do, to meet…

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i’m just…so…tired…

By Shana | March 23, 2017

last year i launched my vimeo channel of full-length yoga classes (if you’re not already subscribed, you should be!) and something very unexpected happened. i have been shooting short single-pose videos for years on youtube and it’s all been lollipops and rainbows. but when i started making full-length videos, i’ve found myself getting really, really…

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By Shana | March 3, 2017

For a long time now, I have lamented how far the Western yoga industry has strayed from, well, yoga. But this Instagram post by was the nail in the coffin for me (notice the 132 likes). I hope that no further explanation is needed, but I will give one anyway…because you know I am…

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