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I Gained Weight with Intermittent Fasting. And Here’s Why…

It’s funny how brain waves and the shared conscience works. In January, I had never heard of intermittent fasting, but I stumbled into it anyway. I had no idea that it was a huge trend or even a thing for that matter. It just made sense to me. I was teaching my 200-hour Teacher Training…

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your worst day

you know those days? the ones when you really don’t feel like getting out of bed? and everything seems to be going wrong? and everything is just off? yeah, we all have those days. i have them more than i care to admit. so, i won’t. most people back off their practice when their energy…

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Self correcting…

I was wrong (or at least only half right). When I wrote about Svadhyaya about a year-and-a-half ago, I did reveal the big yoga truth about this elusive Niyama. (You’ll have to read the blog to find out…but it’s not what you think. Really.). Within the concept of Svadhyaya lies the practice itself and in so…

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the yogi in my trashroom

By Shana | December 29, 2017

there’s a yogi in my trash room. ask patanjali. he’ll tell you all about it. in the astanga of the yoga sutras, there are eight limbs. the first two are yama and niyama…the code of conduct for living. and the culmination of the niyamas is ishvara pranidhana, submission to a higher power. the final limb…

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i will make you sing!

By Shana | November 17, 2017

i consider myself a pretty competent human being. i can at least sort of do everything i set out and try to do. that was until i tried making a singing bowl sing. 😆 thinking this would be another fabulous skill to add to my vast repertoire (think yoga, eating and sleeping), i got this…

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no will power at all

By Shana | October 2, 2017

when it comes to food, i have no will power. what can i say? the only thing i like better than food is eating food. no self-restraint. funny thing is, people always tell me, “wow! you’re a vegan? you have incredible will power.” they don’t get it. let me be perfectly clear…i am a very,…

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spirituality by any other name

By Shana | August 29, 2017

many years ago in a galaxy far, far away (well, malibu), a synagogue asked me if i could do “jewish yoga” for their women’s group. never one to say no to any opportunity anywhere ever, of course i said yes. whatever jewish yoga was. so, i put together this whole class that tied together yoga…

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kids are changing the (yoga) world

By Shana | July 8, 2017

the first time is an aberration. the second time is a trend. unless you live under a social media rock, you have heard about tabay atkins by now. and if you are just crawling out from the rock, a quick primer…tabay is america’s youngest certified yoga instructor. eleven years old. he completed my YOGAthletica teacher…

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getting older without getting old

By Shana | June 8, 2017

okay. i admit it. i have those days. you know, the days where you (grudgingly) wake up and say to yourself “maybe i’ll just take this one day off my yoga practice.” okay. i’ll admit it. i have them a lot. maybe because i never actually do take that day off (unless i am on…

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Do you know what your #VeganIQ Is?

By Shana | April 13, 2017

Quiz: What’s Your Vegan IQ? START QUIZ Powered by Quotes and Rates on Life Insurance Contributors: Shana Meyerson   Yogi Lucy Taylor   Accredited Dietitian & Nutritionist Carolyn Scott   Chef Lani Muelrath   Blogger   Show more Bernadette Giacomazzo   Writer Sandy Lo  …

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living the life

By Shana | April 10, 2017

whenever i have the awesome opportunity to teach in europe, i am always flooded with messages from friends and family telling me, “you sure live the life!”. i will be the first to admit that i am blessed beyond my wildest imagination to be able to see the world the way i do, to meet…

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i’m just…so…tired…

By Shana | March 23, 2017

last year i launched my vimeo channel of full-length yoga classes (if you’re not already subscribed, you should be!) and something very unexpected happened. i have been shooting short single-pose videos for years on youtube and it’s all been lollipops and rainbows. but when i started making full-length videos, i’ve found myself getting really, really…

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By Shana | March 3, 2017

For a long time now, I have lamented how far the Western yoga industry has strayed from, well, yoga. But this Instagram post by was the nail in the coffin for me (notice the 132 likes). I hope that no further explanation is needed, but I will give one anyway…because you know I am…

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the yoga of football

By Shana | February 7, 2017

you don’t have to be a football fan to appreciate this: i’m not a football fan and i do. i admit, i didn’t watch the big game yesterday. not even for the commercials. in fact, i was on an airplane home from teaching all weekend in atlanta…which is the only reason i knew there was…

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life hack: core strength

By Shana | January 14, 2017

i will be the very first to admit that i don’t have those fabulous, flat, ripped abs that you see in sports illustrated…but i do have damn strong abs. damn strong. as a result, people are always asking me what they should be doing to increase their own core strength. okay… so, in addition to…

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two kinds of people…

By Shana | January 5, 2017

world-renowned social scientist that i am, i have come to the conclusion that there are two kinds of people in the world. yes. just two. a bit of background… for those of you who have not been to my classes (why haven’t you been to one of my classes???), they are hard. as in, damn…

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instagram has ruined my yoga practice!

By Shana | December 5, 2016

i love instagram. i hate instagram. ugh! instagram! instagram was not made for yogis over 40. or yoginis, for that matter. you may think i’m saying this because i’m not as pretty as the hot, young girls yoga posing on instagram. or maybe because i’m not as sexy. true…i’m neither as pretty or sexy. or…

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Greedy Yoga

By Shana | November 2, 2016

We live in an instant gratification society. Text messages, microwave ovens, teletransportation. Okay…we don’t have teletransportation yet. But, admit it, you’d take it if we did. Everyone wants everything and they want it today. Yesterday. In yoga, this is a problem. Practitioners have become greedy in their practice. Wherein yoga was once a holistic, lifelong…

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Getting to the Core with Sadie Nardini

By Shana | September 19, 2016

On October 5-6, the inimitable Sadie Nardini will be gracing the stage of the MINDBODY BOLD Conference in Los Angeles. Such a deliciously idiosyncratic yogini. Think Sid Vicious meets the Dalai Lama…in female form. Sadie marches to the beat of her own (punk) drummer and looks at yoga and life (isn’t yoga life afterall?) in…

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what is real? are you sure???

By Shana | August 19, 2016

Have you seen Kumare? You need to! In a tiny nutshell that doesn’t do this mind-blowing documentary justice, it’s the (true) story of a man who pretends to be a guru to see who will follow him. At first, the experiment is pretty much a joke to him, but as real followers begin to entrust…

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poor little backbends

By Shana | June 22, 2016

i have a confession to make. i’ve neglected my backbends. unforgivably so. it all started innocently enough. about ten years ago, i slid down the slippery slope of handstand and core obsession. as i became more and more enthralled with the thrill of inversion, my practice became more and more core and handstand intensive. overall,…

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there are options

By Shana | May 25, 2016

so…you say you really, really want to take my 200-hour teacher training, but you can’t afford it. hey! there are options! have you considered selling your organs? i’m sure you already know that you don’t need that second kidney. and your gall bladder…what does that thing do, anyway? have a gold tooth? you can melt…

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asana’s worst enemy

By Shana | April 8, 2016

if you’re like most people on earth, you probably spend a good part of your life sitting around. sitting at the computer, at meals, while driving, watching tv, hanging out on the toilet, and whatever else you sit around and do. and this may or may not come as a shocker to you, but sitting…

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E.T. Phone Home!

By Shana | April 3, 2016

When I was a kid I was completely traumatized when a mean girl at camp saw my legs dangling over the side of the bunk bed and squealed loudly “Oh my God! You have ET feet!” All in all, it was a very unimportant event in the history of my very eventful life, but somehow…

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