“8 Fantastic Fitness Influencers to Collaborate With in 2020”

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8 Fantastic Fitness Influencers to Collaborate With in 2020
By Natalie Weber

Yoga and laughs to all things fitness and everything in-between with these energetic influencers.

Dolphin poses, squats, workouts, kettlebell training, and just moving never looked and felt this good on your social media feed.

Here are 8 fitness influencers to follow and collaborate with in 2020:

  1. Shana Meyerson – Private Yoga Instructor
  2. Tiffanie Jackson – Certified Functional Strength Coach
  3. Lauren Ash – Qualified Personal Trainer
  4. Andrea Metcalf – Celebrity Fitness Expert
  5. Nathan Sado – Elite Trainer & Adventurer
  6. Forest Vance – Master Personal Trainer & Gym Owner
  7. Mark Dilworth – Weight Management Specialist
  8. Cassie Helper – Active Travel Enthusiast

Let’s get movin’!

Shana Meyerson – Private Yoga Instructor

Instagram Followers:  17.5k

Instagram Engagement Rate:  2.5%

YouTube Subscribers:  28.4k

There’s always that one person that will bring the energy to any party.

I feel like Shana Meyerson is that person.  Between her contagious smile, bubbly personality, and quirky humor – she’s a must-have dose of feel-good vibes.

And if she says do dolphin pose, you bet you’ll roll your yoga mat out and spring into action.  With lots of laughs, and maybe even some wobbles, you’ll have an amazing experience with Shana.

I’ll take laughs any day.

Based in Los Angeles, Shana is a private yoga instructor and founder of YOGAthletica where you’ll find her teaching funky flows that will, without a doubt, leave you smiling and feeling great.

“You are my constant inspiration even in the hardest time ever” – is pretty much the epitome of how she makes her followers feel.

In 2002, she also pioneered the children’s yoga industry with mini yogis.  She’ll uplift the whole family.

Shana founded her online influence in 2010 around people that love yoga and appreciate how life-changing it is. (She’s a yoga vet, teaching adults since 2002!)

This teacher has me hooked on her buzzing YouTube channel.  Her most popular video is “yoga handstand for beginners who are afraid of handstands” and her hilarious unboxing videos have left me in stitches for days.

I’m excited to handstand around all week!

Some of Shana’s brand collaborations include Manduka, Nuzest, Skëdagø, Graze, and Yogi Surprise.

If you love yoga and would love to smile a little more, then you’ve got to go follow Shana Meyerson on Instagram here.


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